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Signs You Have a Sinus Infection (How to Get Rid of It)

Sinus infection is one of the most common complications that can occur after a cold or allergy. It can be difficult to tell when a regular cold has turned into a sinus infection, also called sinusitis. While most symptoms resolve in two weeks or less (with or without treatment, depending on the cause), you may also develop a chronic sinus infection that can last for months. Sinus infection – is a condition in which there is swelling or an inflammatory process in the tissue lining the sinuses. This condition usually…

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This Amazing Plant Can Stop Diabetes and A Variety of Other Problems

Moringa – the Key to a Longer Life? Science has been looking for a way to improve longevity since forever. Scientists have been working hard to unlock the mysteries of healthier and longer life for decades, yet research has yet to yield results. Before medicine, people have been treating health problems with a variety of natural remedies. Maybe nature’s been the key to our health after all. If latest studies are to be believed, one plant may actually be it. Moringa is a South Asian plant that can also be…

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