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These Berries May Be the Perfect Diabetes Remedy

Can We Prevent Diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is pretty common nowadays. The number of insulin resistant people is constantly on the rise due to the obesity epidemic. It’s all because of our diet. We eat way too much processed food and consume amounts of sugar that may eventually kill us. The good news is that diabetes can be prevented and all we need to do are a few lifestyle and dietary changes. It all boils down to losing weight. Eat a healthy diet and you’ll start dropping pounds soon, provided…

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Eliminate Inflammation with The Help of These 7 Foods

Inflammation represents a natural process that our bodies need to enroll in order to heal themselves or prevent an illness. It is also connected to the appearance of any type of pain, ache, stiffness etc. We all face a lot of stress every day. In fact, our lives are filled with stress which is a real trigger to any type of inflammation. Being under chronic inflammation has multiple negative effects on our complete health. Some of the problems it might cause are impaired brain function, emotional and hormonal imbalance, slow…

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