Take a Look at this Chinese Face Map to See What your Body is Dealing with

Everything that is happening inside our bodies is shown on the face. This is in every case, with no exceptions. And, according to the Chinese medicine, every part of our face is connected to a particular imbalance in the body. The usual signs are rash, change of skin color and pimples. Let’s take a look at what every part of the face wants to tell us.

Credits to: womendailymagazine.com

Forehead – too much processed foods, alcohol, stress, sugar and staying up late causes slow digestion, leading up to bladder and small intestine issues. To cure this, consume more raw and unprocessed foods, drink plenty of water, reduce the alcohol intake and get a good night’s sleep.

– Eyebrow arch – means that something is wrong with your kidneys, and is usually caused by bad circulation, a weak heart, and excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. It can be cured by reducing the caffeine intake, sweetened drinks and alcohol, and always make sure you are hydrated.

– Between the eyebrows – when the stomach is working too much, without any rest, the liver suffers. It also may mean that you are consuming plenty of meat, and not knowing that you are alergic to several ingredients. To change this, have plenty of exercise, yoga, fast walking, meditation, plenty of fresh air and healthy food.

– The upper part of the cheeks – smoking, pollution, asthma – basically anything that can be connected to the lungs. This issue can also be noted from the dark circles around the eyes. To deal with this condition start living a healthier lifestyle – start exercising, if you smoke, stop in an instant, and keep away from polluted air.

– Cheeks – processed foods, sugar, smoking and alhocol, everything that can be connected with kidney and lung issues. Try eliminating the bad foods and use more cosmetic products that are high-quality.

– Nose – it connects to the heart and shows symptoms when something is not right with it. It is caused by polluted air and gasses, bad circulation, closed rooms and a swollen stomach, and even high blood pressure. Organic green tea, exercising regularly and checking your blood pressure is mandatory in this case.

– Mouth and chin – stimulants, such as caffeine, alcohol, foods that contain plenty of sugar, fats, it is all connected to the work of the stomach. This leads to staying up late and creates digestive imbalance. Start dieting and eat a lof of fruits. If this does not help you, consult with a medical person.

– Jaw and neck – when the hormonal level is not balanced, it shows on the lower part of the face. Not enough sleep and water, cntrary to too much caffeine, salty and spicy foods is the main reason for this. To get your hormonal balance back drink plenty of water and cut back on the spicy foods.