“Teeth Nails” Are the New Creepy Fashion Trend

In recent years, manicure has become a trend among all generations of the female population, from the youngest to the oldest. Many women find relief from the constant hassle of regular nail polish and peeling for a short period of time, others find a successful way to get rid of nail biting, and still others simply enjoy having their nails trimmed. Gel polish and nail gel are quite popular with all members of the female population, as mentioned earlier for many practical reasons. As the techniques of making nails with various designs improved, we witnessed beautiful landscapes that nail technicians successfully painted on the nails of their clients, then various cartoon characters, etc., up to some creepy and disgusting 3D designs that no one else has can understand why someone would do it on their nails.

Until now we could see nails made of natural or artificial fibers, irregularly shaped nails, nails with creepy creatures, various shapes in 3D variant, nail piercing, nails with fur on them, strange nail shapes, balloon nails, too long nails , nails with sculptural designs on them and many more. Unusual manicure has become a trend in the spirit of modern life, so until now we have witnessed many unusual manicures. However, there is no end to the surprises, to the creativity of the nail technicians and there is no end to the crazy demands of their clients.

We will introduce you to the latest creepy nail making trend, and that is “Teeth Nails”. Yes yes, although you may not believe it, it is still a real shape of teeth that people for some reason want to put as a 3D design on their nails. What’s even more creepy, the technicians are so good at their job that their 3D client nail design looks so realistic that you think it’s a real tooth. You must be wondering why, oh god, why would anyone want to wear 3D teeth on their nails ?! We will have to ask the people who asked for it. Till then we can only be amazed by this trend and wonder why!

We talked to some nail technicians to try to find out why their clients are looking for such a nebulous design. Some of the nail technicians told us that some clients are looking for it just for fun and that the technicians themselves find it ridiculous. Technicians see this story from a creative point of view, admiring anyone who manages to create a mini tooth sculpture in such a realistic image. But on the other hand, they would never recommend this design to any of their clients. Nail technicians explain that this is marketing and that artists are promoting themselves in this way, which does not mean that they have to sell this design in their manicure shops. So, artists can be creative and create whatever they want. It is enough to cause a storm of comments on social networks. We tried to research the opinions shared by users on social networks about this trend and came across a lot of comments. Most social media users agreed that this trend is really creepy and absurd, others were amazed by the creativity, others wondered: “Why God why did someone put this on your nails?”.

How do you feel about this new trend? Share your opinions in the comments. Are you surprised, amazed, do you think it is creepy or disgusting, share your opinion with us, we will appreciate it.