Test: Check if You Would Survive These 8 Dangerous Situations

Each of us has found himself in a difficult situation at least once in his lives. Nowadays we can expect everything in the most unexpected time. There are situations that none of us wants, but they still happen. In such situations, the most important thing is to stay aware, calculating and smart. To deal with such unfortunate situations, it is probably best to prepare in advance. In the end, this readiness can save our lives, so it is worth being prepared.

Read on for the following unfortunate situations and how you should react.
What if a hurricane is approaching your place of residence ?! What if such a situation occurs? What is the safest place to take refuge?

А) Тhe bedroom

B) The kitchen

C) The bathroom

The correct answer is under B. The bathroom can be the safest place in the house if a hurricane is approaching your place of residence. There are not many wires and windows in the bathroom, which can do damage to you. You can also store drinking water in the bath tub.

Imagine a situation in which you drive your car and suddenly you lose control and the car crashes into a lake. The car immediately starts to sink and you do not have much time to react and save yourself. What are you going to do?

  • You will try to start the car engine
  • You will wrap your elbow with your T-shirt to protect it and try to break the window to get out of the car
  • You will start pressing at the car horn to be heard by a passerby and to help you

The correct answer is B. There is no better option than trying to get out of the car right away. All other options are in vain. It would be best to take off your T-shirt, protect your elbow, break the glass and get out of the car right away, then swim to the nearest shore.

  • Imagine that you are in your house and suddenly an earthquake occurs. What are you going to do?
  • You will stay inside until the earthquake is over
  • You will immediately call family and friends to warn them
  • You will stay calm and leave the house immediately

The correct answer is C. In such moments it is most important to stay calm and composed. Earthquake is a natural thing that you can not influence or predict. If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to leave the house as soon as possible.

  • You are in a 10-storey building. An earthquake is happening, what are you going to do?
  • You will run as fast as you can to catch the elevator
  • You will stay calm, follow the evacuation route and leave the building after the earthquake and all aftershocks are over.
  • You will keep people in a panic

The correct answer is B. In this situation, it is best to stay calm, wait for the earthquake to end, and then leave the building. In such situations, most injuries occur when people try to escape from the building in a panic.

  • You are driving in your car and suddenly a tornado appears. You can see it in front of you but it looks like it is not moving. What should you do?
  • You will drive parallel to it so you can follow its movement
  • You will try to be faster than the tornado
  • You will quickly turn in the opposite direction of the tornado and continue driving in that direction

The correct answer is A. If you notice a tornado from a distance and can determine its direction of movement, driving in parallel with it can save you from being drawn into the winds and its whirlpool.

  • Imagine that you are on a beach vacation. Suddenly you notice that the ocean water is receding. What are you going to do?
  • You will quickly dive into the ocean to see what is happening
  • You will stay on the beach to watch the waves
  • You will go as fast as you can to the highest place to take refuge

The correct answer is C. That withdrawal could be a signal of a tsunami, so you definitely would not want to be near the beach when that happens.

  • Imagine you are camping in the wilderness, you are far from home, and a tornado is happening. You have no place near where you can take refuge. What is the best option?
  • To find a ditch in which you can take refuge
  • Run forward as fast as you can and do not turn back
  • To stand where you are, to do nothing and to wait

The correct answer is A. Of course, this is the best option, to take refuge in a ditch, because it can protect you from the strong winds brought by the tornado and protect yourself from the branches and other objects that can hurt you.

  • You are in your house and suddenly a fire breaks out. What should you do before calling the fire department?
  • You will run around the house to collect all the valuable items you can save from the fire.
  • You will try to put out the fire with a hose
  • You will find a piece of cloth to cover your mouth so that you do not inhale the toxic gas and you will leave the house.

The correct answer is C. In a situation where a sudden fire has broken out, it is best to protect the mouth and nose with a damp cloth to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes, and it is best to leave the house at the nearest exit immediately. Leave the extinguishing of the fire to the fire service and by leaving the building you will save your life.