Test: Discover the Obstacle to Your Happiness

Your desires, the things that attract you are the ones that can say a lot about you. In your subconscious are hidden all your hidden desires. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The sooner you discover them, the sooner you will reach happiness.

This test will reveal what is holding you back from achieving your happiness. You need to look at this picture which has 6 types of eyes. Your task is to choose one of them, the one that attracts you the most or that you like the most, and we will tell you what it means for obstacles to your happiness.
Look at the picture. Which eye caught your attention? That eye that you chose, that is the detail through which the subconscious mind tries to convey a certain message to you, to tell you what is standing in the way of your happiness.

Find out what your choices mean for what stands in the way of your happiness.

Eye number 1.

If this eye catches your attention, it tells you that you are constantly hiding in your own shadow or in the shadow of someone else. This choice tells you that you need to get out of your own shell, out of your own comfort zone, because that is what stands in the way of your happiness. You are an introvert. You should not underestimate yourself. It’s time to dump her and move on. If you want to let someone into your life, do it. Life is too short to allow unfulfilled desires to pass. Take matters into your own hands, come to light and show your abilities that you have waiting to come to the surface. That’s the path to your happiness.

Eye number 2.

If your choice is this eye, it tells you that you are a mysterious person who hides things. You have great potential and great abilities, but you do not allow yourself to express them completely. You spend a lot of time proving yourself but in the wrong way. You talk but you do not show, and you have a lot to show. The obstacle to your happiness is you, it is time to free yourself and take matters into your own hands. Show what you know, get rid of fear, stop hiding your abilities and show yourself in the right light.

Eye number 3.

If your choice is this eye, it tells you that you are actually suffering a lot. Although this is a standard eye that may seem like a boring choice at first glance, people usually choose it. You have a lot of problems that you are facing at the moment and you do not know how to deal with them, so in this test you choose the one that is most familiar to you, and it is this eye that most reminds you of a normal eye. Your subconscious mind suggests that you are not alone and that you have close people you can count on in these difficult times. Do not be afraid to seek help and support from your loved ones.

Eye number 4.

If your choice is this eye, it tells you that you are sticking to what you know and that you are building walls around yourself in order to protect yourself from the unknown. You think that way you will escape from the world and that it is the best way to protect yourself. But it is not so. Your obstacle to the path of happiness is you. You are hiding from your happiness. It is time to stop hiding, start hanging out with people and create new memories. It is time to stop clinging to the past and focus on the future. It may not be easy, but it’s definitely time to do it, to achieve your happiness.

Eye number 5.

This eye tells you about your care for other people and your courage. You walk bravely and look forward no matter what. You skillfully hide your feelings and always try to do the right thing. You value your life, but sometimes you miss out on good and important things. You are responsible, disciplined, you want to complete the task, but you often forget that you should enjoy it. That’s the way to your happiness. Stop for a moment and start enjoying life.

Eye number 6.

If your choice is this eye, it tells you about your generosity. You always give your all for other people and do not ask for anything in return. You give unconditionally to make others happy. But you have to learn to say no sometimes. You need to focus on yourself and your needs. It is okay to want to make others happy, but not at the cost of forgetting yourself and your life. You should not try to keep people in your life at all costs. If someone does not want to be in your life, just let them go. Your happiness is also important. So it’s time for a changes.