Test: Find the Cat in 30 Seconds. For a Bigger Challenge Find the Dog at the Same Time.

What are your abilities to notice unusual things? What are your abilities to notice the smallest details? Do you think you have a sharp eye? Do you think that the details can not escape your eye? Try to find out through this test.

Take a look at this picture below. On it you will notice a pantry that has many products. At first glance it looks like a normal pantry. What is unusual about this picture is that there is a cat hiding in the pantry, which you need to find. Yes Yes. Cat. Now is the time to show your perceptual abilities to quickly notice the details and try to find the cat in this picture in 30 seconds. Turn on the stopwatch for 30 seconds and focus your gaze on the image. Did you manage to find the hidden cat?

Challenge yourself a little more. Test your visual and perceptual abilities and try to find the dog in this picture in just 30 seconds. To make it even more interesting, try to compete with a friend who will find the dog and the cat in both pictures in just 30 seconds.