TEST: How Many Matches Do You See in the Picture?

We prepared for you today an interesting optical illusion that’s got many people perplexed and trying to figure out the right answer. If you want to start your day with an intriguing puzzle and push your brain to work a bit harder, this is the right puzzle for you.

Below you will see a random picture of a lighter and a few matches, that at first look completely ordinary. There’s nothing special about it, right? Well, not quite. When you look a bit closer, you will see that it’s not such an ordinary picture after all. Take a good look and try to count the matches. How many of them are there in the picture? Think about it and start counting and when you’re done share your answer with us.

Are you done, or you’re still counting? If you’re not sure about the answer, we’ll give you the right one on the next page along with the solution.

Just click on the next page and the answer will be there.

There are 8 matches in the picture and here’s how we got the solution.