TEST: How many Triangles are there in the Photo?

What are your visual abilities? Do you pay attention to details? Do you want to solve such tests that will help you find out if you have good visual abilities? If yes, you are in the right place.

In front of you is a visual test that will help you find out if you have excellent eyesight. At the same time, your logic needs to be included, because it’s not just the type you need to rely on. Take a closer look at this photo. You will notice that there are more triangles on it. Your task is to find out how many triangles there are in this photo. Think carefully, look carefully at the photo, discover each triangle and give us the final result in the comments. Start right now!

What happened? Were you able to find the exact number of triangles? How many triangles did you manage to count? Are you sure this is the correct answer and the correct number of triangles?

The exact number of triangles is 13.

If you managed to answer correctly and got this number of triangles, congratulations. Your visual skills are at a great level. You notice the details perfectly well.

If any of you still failed to count the triangles correctly, now you know the correct answer, go back to the photo and count them again.