Test: What are the Priorities in Your Life ?!

We all have different priorities in our lives. Everyone is guided by what they think is more important or less important. This is how the priorities are created, the creators of which are ourselves. We choose the priorities in our lives and we are the ones who decide what is more important and what is less important. What are your priorities? What is really important to you? Find out through the following test.

In front of you are 3 pictures with different colors and shapes. Look carefully at all the pictures, and then choose the one you like best. Your choice will give you an answer to what are the real priorities in your life and what is most important to you.

If you have chosen the image that you like the most, read below what your choice means.

Picture number 1. If this picture is your choice it tells you that your priorities are career and success. This is what you think is most important and what your focus and way of life is. Of great importance is the status you want to have in society. You have clearly set goals and strive to achieve them. You try to achieve success, you know how to do it, you have great self – confidence and discipline and they help you a lot in achieving your goals. Your priorities are most focused on work and career advancement, so that is what your whole life is focused on.

Picture number 2. If this picture is your choice it says for you that your priority is love. According to you, the main driver of your life is love. Given that this drawing is filled with red and it is generally known that it is the color of love, you are oriented towards emotions and love. Your focus is on family and friends. Of great importance to you is the love you feel from your loved ones, your lover, family and close friends. That’s what fills you. You are considered a very respected person in society, because you are an adaptable person who can find a common language with all people.

Picture number 3. If this image is your choice, it says for you that your personal development is most important to you. What does that mean? This means that your focus is on your appearance as well as your character and interior. Most often you listen to your own inner voice and your heart, you are guided by your own convictions and you do not accept other people’s imposed views and opinions. You are guided by your own ideas and do as your heart tells you. Emotions guide you through life, but also the inner voice does its job. You work on advancing your personal development in terms of both your career and your knowledge and interests. You want to improve yourself, you know what profession you want to do and you are promoting in that field.