Test Your Vision: Can You Spot the Different Colored Square in the Picture?

Today we’ve got an interesting optical illusion for you and it’s one that is sure to tickle your brain. Optical illusions are so much fun, some spot the right answer right away, while some struggle with it and still can’t figure it out. It’s just how our brains are wired and some of us are good at them while others not so much.

In today’s optical illusion you’re going to have to look at the picture that has 24 equal green squares. Or are they all the same? One of them is not quite like the others and your job is to find which one stands out. One of the squares has a different color than the rest of them so can you tell which one? Try to find the differently colored square as fast as you can.

Did you find it or are you still struggling?

If they all just look the same, flip the page and find the right answer there.