The Bike Washing Machine Encourages you to Conserve Energy and Get Fit

What is the dullest possible work a human being can do? You guessed – chores. There is not a single person in the world enjoying washing the dishes, or doing the laundry. And imagine those living alone! The elderly, or the students. I mean, it is one thing to give something to your mother (if younger) or daughter (if older), to wash it for you, but sometimes a person cannot handle this on their own. Well, all that is just about to change. A brilliant pack of Chinese students found a solution for this problem – and it is rather intriguing! Not only will you cross of the laundry duty off your list, you will cross off another important daily task – the workout!

The invention is called BiWa, or, The Bike Washing Machine, and it runs on human power. It is actually a static bike, but with a drum, door and dispenser installed in it. It practices preserving water and helps you multitask, feeling fit and healthy while keeping your clothes clean.

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By normal rotation of the pedals, where the clothing drum is situated, the clothes get to be washed properly and efficiently. And, by riding with a little more strength, a small display screen is being lit, showing the cyclist how much more does he/she have to work out for the clothes to be washed.

And probably the most incredible part is – if a member of your family (say, a hyperactive student), has more energy, you can turn it around for a good cause. All the extra energy the bike machine gets is being stored for a subsequent usage, and the offspring can get their workout of the day. It’s literally a win-win situation.

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This invention, even though has not hit the markets yet, is a true inspiration. People always claim that they lack time and energy to get everything done, so here’s to killing two flies with one swing! The laundry will be clean and your body will be healthier. And just imagine the students living alone or those households who are on a slightly smaller budget. This invention can save a lot of money and energy, especially on a long-term plan.