The latest research has finally revealed – Men do not mature until they are 40 years old

Every woman you ask about men maturing will have the same answer, that they behave as if they are constantly children. Women often complain about men’s behavior, especially when the responsibilities in the home and family increase and the engagements of all family members are needed, and men are the ones who most often try to avoid responsibilities and obligations. Naturally, as a result, they encounter revolt from their partners and quarrels ensue.

To prove this conclusion that men mature later, even in their 40s, a study was done in Oxford that dealt with exactly this. This study aimed to study the differences in maturity in the development of men and women. The scientists compared the results and drew conclusions about all the differences. Scientists have studied which brain functions change in the maturation process and which remain the same. For this purpose, they used magnetic resonance imaging to examine the brain activity of participants aged 4 to 40 years. In the end, the results showed that although men’s brains have the same potential to function in everyday life, they often showed some delay in long-term development of functional abilities compared to women. According to research, this delay can last up to 40 years of men’s lives. Compared to women, it has been found that although men have larger brains, women are the ones who show better effectiveness and are sharper in many respects, and this is due to hormonal differences.

For this purpose, a survey was conducted in which the differences in maturity between the sexes were studied. The survey showed that men behave immaturely until their forties, and women mature until their 32s. Eight out of ten women in the survey said they did not believe that men of any age would ever stop behaving childishly. Negative relationships women cite problems they face such as silence during an argument, repeating the same jokes and stories in company, inability to prepare a simple meal. These problems are also listed as signs of immaturity in men. Many of the women who took part in the survey answered that they broke up because of the fact that their partner was not mature enough. On the other hand, some women thought that immaturity had its advantages because it brought fun to the relationship. Some women view this immaturity positively, stating that they believe that this immature behavior will help men to relate more easily to their children.

If you are a woman, share with us about what are your thoughts on this topic? Do you agree with the fact that men do not mature until they are 40 years old? Maybe you have the same problem with your partner?

If you are a man and you are reading this, share your opinion on this topic. In any case, there are exceptions and we want to hear your opinion. That is why we encourage you to share your opinion with us.