The Love Saga of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

The most current love saga between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is the most current these days. The couple married in 2015, and soon after she filed for divorce and accused her husband of violence. Their love affair lasted until it turned into a love saga with a long divorce lawsuit. This is where it all started. Maybe there is no other lawsuit that has attracted more public attention like the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. They may share first place with the O’Jay Simpson lawsuit, but we’ll talk about that on another occasion.

Revealing the “dirty clothes” of ex-spouses

The British tabloid The Sun published a news item accusing Hollywood star Johnny Depp of abusing women. The basis for this news is the statement of his ex-wife Amber Heard, and this claim is proved by the former spouses through a court case in a London court. The lawsuit between the ex-spouses has been going on for many years, but these days all the “dirty clothes” of the couple have come to light and the whole public is disgusted with certain revelations.


Their relationship was very turbulent, in some statements there are throwing phones at each other, alcohol and drugs, and even physical fights, but also such cruel revenge moves. The public was disgusted by a claim that Amber allegedly had a bowel movement in Depp’s bed, and he wrote his name on the wall in urine. Their toxic relationship led to a series of quarrels, in which Amber tore off part of Johnny Depp’s finger and ended up in hospital. In another brawl, Depp claims he was able to cut off the head of her dog named Pistol while he was driving it in his car. Amber claims that at one point Depp opened the window and wanted to let the dog through. It is almost impossible to prove these claims to be true or completely false, because it is obvious that their relationship was anything but a normal and healthy relationship. During the trial, footage was shown showing Depp breaking a bottle and shouting at his ex-wife, who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Depp did not deny that this was an authentic recording, but in his defense he says that Amber provoked him in order to record it and use it against him. Depp also claims that their relationship was a beneficial one and that his ex-wife wanted to use Depp’s influence and connections in Hollywood. On the other hand, he accuses her of humiliating, physically assaulting and betraying him. Amber claims that he is an aggressive and possessive addict.

Witnesses reveal new details in Depp’s defense

There was a witness in their dispute, it is about the former assistant of the actor who claimed that Amber is an alcoholic and that she was the aggressive one in the relationship. Depp’s former great loves – Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder – were also involved in the trial, and they testified in Depp’s favor and claimed that he was a good and non-aggressive person. Depp admits in his defense that he had a dark side during his relationship with Amber, and it happened during the difficult period for him when his mother died. He had financial problems at the time, which resulted in his heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs, but he also accuses Amber of fostering his addiction instead of helping him. Depp accused Amber of having a narcissistic disorder and that all she wanted was to ruin his life.

After the trial of Johnny Depp two million people demand that Amber Heard be expelled from the new “Aquaman”

Fans of “Pirates of the Caribbean” unconditionally believe in the innocence of their favorite character. They never suspected their pet, and the lawsuit that Depp is going through has started a petition that wants Amber to be removed from the sequel to the movie “Aquaman”. In “Aquaman”, Amber plays the lead role, and the premiere is planned for next year, but it remains to be seen whether Amber will keep the lead role.

“Men are victims of domestic violence, just like women. It must be recognized and action taken so that the famous bully is not celebrated in the entertainment industry. Do the right thing, remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2,” states in a petition that has so far been signed by two million people.