The Most Accurate Personality Test: Collect Scores and Learn how Other People Look at you

In front of you is one of the most accurate personality tests that will help you discover many things about how other people see you. While solving this personality test, all you need to do is write down the points you get with the answers so that you can collect the points later. Think carefully before writing the answer and most importantly be completely honest!


What position are you in when you talk to someone?

1. You stand with your arms crossed (4 points)
2. You have folded arms (2 points)
3. Hold one or both hands on the hips (5 points)
4. You touch or push the person you are talking to (7 points)
5. Play with your ear, touch your chin or curl your hair around your finger (6 points)


How do you behave while in your company?

1. You are loud when you arrive, so that everyone notices you (6 points)
2. You come unnoticed and look around to find a celebrity (4 points)
3. Be careful not to be noticed (2 points)


How do you lie the moment before you go to sleep?

1. You are outstretched on your back (7 points)
2. You are outstretched on your stomach (6 points)
3. You are gently bent to the side (4 points)
4. Your head is resting on one arm (2 points)
5. Your head is under the cover (1 point)


When do you feel best?

1. In the morning (2 points)
2. Afternoon and evening (4 points)
3. Late at night (6 points)


How do you sit while resting?

1. Bent knees, legs relaxed on top of each other (4 points)
2. Crossed legs (6 points)
3. Legs outstretched (2 points)
4. Sit on one leg (1 point)


How do you react when someone interrupts you while you are deep in something?

1. You are happy because you were interrupted (6 points)
2. You are very upset about it (2 points)
3. Somewhere between these two extremes (4 points)


What do you dream about most often?

1. How do you fall (4 points)
2. How you fight or fight (2 points)
3. Looking for someone or something (3 points)
4. You fly or hang in the air (5 points)
5. Mostly you do not dream (6 points)
6. Dreams are always pleasant for you (1 point)


How are you moving?

1. Fast, with big steps (6 points)
2. Relatively fast, with small steps (4 points)
3. Not very fast, with his head straight, looking ahead (7 points)
4. Not very fast, with his head bowed (2 points)
5. Very slow (1 point)


How do you react when something is really fun to you?

1. Laugh out loud (6 points)
2. Laugh, but not loudly (4 points)
3. You smile quietly (3 points)
4. Laugh shyly (2 points)


Now collect the points you get and according to the result find out which category you belong to and that way you will find out how other people see you and do not tell you that.


Indecisive person

People see you as a shy, a little nervous but also quite indecisive person. They think that they should always take care of you and they think that you always want someone else to decide for you, because they think that you can not make a decision on your own. You are seen as a person who does not want to get involved in certain things. For other people, you are a person who looks at problems as if they do not exist at all, and some people think that you are a boring person. Only those who know you really well and know that you are not such a person at all.


A caring person

In the eyes of your friends, you are considered a conscientious and extremely meticulous person. They see you as a person who is caring, extremely caring, and a person who does things slowly but successfully. Your impulsive reaction surprises the people around you, because they expect you to reconsider everything and only then to give up and they do not expect you to break out at all.


Faithful person

For others, you are considered a careful, reasonable, talented, modest and smart person. You are not a person who quickly makes friends, nor do you allow anyone to approach you so quickly and easily, but you are still a faithful and loyal friend of those who are your friends, and in return you expect the same from them. Those who will really get to know you realize that it takes a lot to succeed in offending you, but you also do not easily forget if something like that happens.


Practical person

In the eyes of other people, you are considered a lively, charming, direct, fun, practical and extremely interesting person when he is most often in the center of attention. You are also a kind and considerate person who is full of understanding and when he is always ready to cheer up other people and if necessary to help them.


Temperamental person

In the eyes of other people, you are an exciting and somewhat impulsive person, born to be a leader. You are considered a stable person who makes quick decisions, although they may not always be correct. According to other people, you are a brave and adventurous person when he always enjoys his adventures and good company. People want to be around you and enjoy your company because you simply radiate excitement.


Dominant person

If you managed to get the highest number of points, you should know that people see you as a dominant person with whom they should be careful how they treat. They perceive you as a selfish and arrogant person. Some people admire you and want to be like you, but they do not always trust you and are not ready to have a deeper relationship with you because they are simply afraid of you.