The Overall Body Healing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is inevitably present in almost every home prepared remedy, whether it’s a detoxifying product, or fighting infections, it’s one of the best natural products with antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Have you heard about the mother or vinegar. Yes, that expression actually exists, and it connects to the strange looking thin strands found in the bottle of vinegar. These strands actually contribute to the characteristic sour taste of the vinegar and carry the main health benefits.

As we’re already familiar with this, the raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar carries a variety of health benefits leading to a healthy looking skin, has soothing effects on a sore throat, and the most famous one among the others is the fact that it’s great in removing the toxins out of the body. Yet, not all that glitters is gold. But even though there are a few, yet, there is a negative side effect of a regular consumption of cider vinegar. Drinking it on a regular basis might damage your teeth.

Still, the positive outcome of apple cider vinegar prevails, and further on we’ll be discussing about some of the most popular benefits of it so far.

It helps with hair loss

Are you starting to face with hair loss, and I don’t mean the hair loss you have when brushing or washing the hair, but the first step to alopecia kind of a hair loss, or is your hair starting to lose the natural shine and is starting to get thinner and brittle instead of growing. A damaged hair and a dandruff scalp might occur due to a hormonal disbalance mainly. Resulting in weaker, thinner and brittle hair over time. However, apple cider vinegar is here to save the day. Did you know that the nutrients this miraculous potion is full of, can balance the pH of the scalp, removing the dead skin cells that might clog the follicles and lower the ability to grow new hair. At the same time it will also thicken hair and help you with the itchiness as a result of the dandruff, since it will make it completely disappear. It’s recommended to apply it on the hair after shampooing and rinsing the shampoo of the hair, as a final touch, a conditioner-like. If you prepare it pre going to the shower you can add a few drops of any essential oil for a better scent. After just several usages, you’ll definitely feel an amazing improvement to your overall hair health.

It even treats asthma

Get rid of the inhaler or the medication and try to cure the asthma naturally with this simple remedy. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and stir it well. Drink small sips of this at intervals for half an hour. You can repeat the procedure after an hour. And if this doesn’t help you still, you can soak a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and place it on the wrists, while applying strong pressure.

Blood loss

In case you’re experiencing a larger amount of blood loss, such as when donating, or in cases when the blood flow is too free such as a nose bleeding, no worries.Buy yourself an apple cider vinegar and practice drinking a solution of 2 tablespoons of it in a glass of water three times a day. It will restore the natural clotting properties of blood.

It relieves coughs

A dry cough is not only painful but feels irritating too. Every other cure is better than the medications and pills the doctor will prescribe. There is a variety of alternative medicine remedies for a dry cough and among them is the apple cider vinegar. The dosage is to take two to three tablespoons of ACV per day. You can dissolve it in a glass of water in order to dilute the powerful taste and smell and consume it easier, or ever add half a tablespoon of honey, to enhance the healing properties.


It is an amazing remedy for diarrhea too, getting rid of the major bacteria that leads to it. The high pectic concentration found in the vinegar soothes the irritated lining of the colon, leaving it bacteria free. You should mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it three times a day.

Fights insomnia

Are you experiencing constant sleeping issues. With this remedy you’ll forget about all of it and sleep like a little baby. Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of ACV dissolved in it prior going to bed and it will help to you sleep quicker and sleep much longer.

Relieves dizziness

Taking regard the fact that apple cider vinegar impacts the blood glucose levels and the blood pressure, it explains why it can cure dizziness. Regardless,for some users might even cause it to appear depending on the metabolism. Therefore, it’s always good to consult with the doctor before supplementing with apple cider vinegar, and discover the dosage your body can handle.

Cures ear infections

Apple cider vinegar is probably the best option to get rid of the fungus causing the ear infection. Mix some apple cider vinegar with the same amount of water or alcohol. Soak a cotton ball in it and plug it in your infected ear. Leave it for five minutes. Afterwards, just remove the cotton pad and lay down on the opposite side so that the liquid from the ear drains out. Use an air dryer to dry your ear well. You can even use concentrated white vinegar for the trick if you don’t have apple cider at the appropriate moment. And another remedy for curing ear infections in the Eustachian tubes is to gargle with apple cider vinegar.

Prevents food poisoning

Taking regard its acidic taste in nature apple cider vinegar has an alkaline effect in the body, therefore it can help alleviate various food poisoning symptoms. It can kill the bacteria and soothe the gastrointestinal lining. Dissolve two tablespoons of it in a glass of water and drink it before every meal. You can even drink undiluted apple cider vinegar if you are able to do it, recommendable two to three teaspoons.

Lowers the high blood pressure

Dissolve two tablespoons of ACV and one of honey in a glass of water and consume it three to four times a day.

Supports your kidneys and bladder

Drinking apple cider vinegar leads to a more acidic environment in the urinary tract, one that is able to diminish the growth of infection-causing bacteria. In addition the vinegar delivers numerous nutrients which help to support the overall body, strengthening the immune system and to combat infections.

Relieves the sore throat

Taking regard its multitude of properties it makes a great not only health, but a beauty solution too. When speaking about the health properties, we should not forget to mention that is a great sore throat remedy. It balances the pH levels of the tissues in the throat, making it more alkaline or acidic according to the body needs. At the same time it kills the bacteria that cause sore throats and being a natural expectorant itloosens the phlegm in the throat, contributing to swallow and breathe easier. Its bacterial and anti inflammatory properties help to fight the infection that causes the sore throats, and the prebiotic inulin it consists of, helps to support the immune system and boost the white blood cells.

It cures nail problems too

Taking regard the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties it prevents fungal infections, fights germs, microorganisms and the bacteria which can cause nail fungus. It appears mainly when the skin surrounding a nail becomes more alkaline. And ACV helps to increase the acidity of the skin, balancing the pH and killing the fungus.

We’ve discussed about most of the benefits of apple cider vinegar on a person’s health. And yet, this is not even close to the end. There are a lot of other diseases and conditions apple cider vinegar can help to cure and treat.

Including, prevents the nose bleed, sealing off the blood vessels and bleeding, by only placing a cotton ball soaked in vinegar into the nostril for five to seven minutes. If you use it as an inhalant, apple cider vinegar can even treat the congestion and inflammation resulting in excessive accumulation of mucus. At the same time is a great ingredient in fighting against obesity and preventing the weight gain, by practicing constant consumption of it. It also does wonders for the oral cavity, preventing sore gums, tooth decay or ulcerated gums from appearing. Just make sure to make a weaker solution, with one teaspoon of ACV diluted in a glass of water.

It was recommended to dilute the apple cider vinegar in water, mainly in order to prepare these curative remedies. Yet, I suggest, why not adding it as an every meal dressing. You can include it as an ingredient in your favorite cooking recipes or as a salad dressing, if you don’t like the taste when consuming it raw or diluted in water. What are you waiting for. Get dressed and run to the nearest grocery shop. Invest in your health and get yourself a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Start implementing it in your nutrition on a daily basis. It is inevitably a way towards a happier and healthier you.