This Girl is the Queen of Plastic Surgery

The need to look stunning and photogenic in teens and young adults is really important today. They are immersed in the culture of selfies, inspired by Instagram influencers and of course constantly looking for the perfect body and the perfect face. Today it is not just celebrities who do plastic surgery.

People all over the world do this, sometimes to improve their appearance, and sometimes because they have to. The most commonly practiced surgery is breast augmentation surgery, followed by nose surgery and loposuction. In order to look perfect and look like living dolls, they are determined to have surgery and not just one. Millions of people around the world are changing their appearance with the help of plastic surgery. During 2010, over 3.3 million cosmetic interventions were performed in America alone, which is the most in the world. But when it comes to population, South Korea comes out on top. Everyone strives for a perfect look that is ectually perfect for them. The perfect look and the most common plastic surgeries are in order to look like the Barbie Doll.

The Barbie doll

It is the most desired doll in the world. Its creator is considered to be the American businessman Ruth Handler. The Barbie doll is the best-selling product in the toy industry and has maintained this pace for over 50 years. The Barbie doll made its debut in America in 1959. Since then she has been an inspiration to many women, about what the perfect female body and female face should look like. Barbie was supposed to be an inspiration for young girls versus the notion of a fashion and body icon.

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Meet Tara Jane McConaughey

Tara Jane McConaughey calls herself the Human Barbie Doll, while others call her the Queen of Plastic Surgery. This girl is a health worker by profession. Tara is a cosmetic nurse, so she is constantly surrounded by plastic surgery, breast augmentation, fillers, Botox, face tightening, etc. Hence the desire to do all those cosmetic procedures on her own. Tara became famous after appearing on the reality show “Botched”. Tara spent $ 200,000 on plastic surgery for her transformation, including 5 breast augmentations, six nose surgeries, and a lot of Botox and fillers. Tara says that plastic surgery has become her hobby, although we must admit that it is quite an expensive hobby. She has a lip procedure up to 30 times a year, and of course she is helped by the numerous sponsors who support her work. For Tara this is a way to express her femininity and her beauty.

Since starting plastic surgery, Tara has drastically modified her body. Whether it is beautification or not, we leave it to you to decide. Are you for or against plastic surgery? Do you think that Tara has gone too far with her cosmetic procedures and do you think that now her body and face are beautiful or not? What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? Share your thoughts with us.


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