TRENDS HAVE CHANGED: This is how Men Today Imagine a Perfect Woman!

If we look through the history of the evolution of the female body and female beauty, we can notice drastic changes. In the past, female beauty meant the natural beauty of a woman. Botox did not exist, fillers did not exist, we should not even mention cosmetic surgeries. The average woman and her beauty were interpreted differently. In that period it was not important what the woman would wear, but how she would wear it. The make-up was used only to emphasize the woman’s eyes, lips and cheekbones, and not to change the woman’s personal description. Makeup women used sparingly and looked very natural and beautiful. As for the shape of the female body, men preferred women with curves, as opposed to the later trend for the perfect shape of the female body in the scale 90 – 60 – 90.

Later in the 20th century, many innovations appeared in terms of make-up, aesthetic surgeries and the like. The average female beauty has been replaced by advanced and artificial beauty. Aesthetic surgeries are gaining momentum, they have become quite popular among women. The most common cosmetic surgeries were on the lips and chest. Women tended to have bigger lips and bigger breasts. Of course, that also changed the perspective of men on what a beautiful woman means. Men preferred women who looked like Barbie. That means a perfect silhouette and a perfect face. Maybe women are the ones who imposed those perceptions, what do you think? Women aspired to artificial beauty, and men embraced that style as the new natural female beauty. During that period, the interest in women with curves was slightly lost and somehow all the bigger women were placed in the same rank – obese women. Men preferred Barbie-style women, thin and handsome. Women with curves were discriminated against in one way or another.

Then in the 21st century we come to another turn of events in terms of the average female beauty and the appearance of the average woman in general. During this period, the perception of a perfect woman or a woman’s beauty changed again. The era of plus size women has come. The previous notion of beauty in Barbie style was replaced by plus size women. The perspective of what is beautiful and what is the average beauty of a woman is transformed into everything that is represented by plus size women. Men have turned to it and prefer it to the new natural edition of women. But on the other hand, aesthetic surgeries and aesthetic methods of beautification had their momentum. Numerous fillers, Botox and what not, were just some of the ways in which women fulfilled their imperfections. Of course, there are women who literally change their complete personal description with the help of aesthetic methods, which is a big absurdity for me personally. Some women make really drastic changes in their appearance, at the expense of achieving the perfection they imagined. It is an interesting fact that plus size women who in some way were discriminated in some way, reached their rise in this 21st century. Plus size women have become the new beautiful and the new natural in women. Men prefer a plus size woman without too many aesthetic corrections, as opposed to a perfect Barbie. Plus size models reached their rise in this century. Many famous designers have created clothes for this type of women and have chosen plus size models to present their designs.

A man’s current vision of what a perfect woman should look like is the complete opposite of what he aspired to in the past. Now for men the perfect average woman is the normal woman with all her imperfections, struggles, acne. What does a perfect woman look like today? The answer is – she is what you want her to be.