Victorian House Moves on the Streets of San Francisco!

Have you ever been able to visit San Francisco? If not, you have probably read a magazine about San Francisco or while watching movies you have noticed the beautiful colorful houses that are located through the steep streets of this city. For many people, this city is the perfect city to live in and a city of dreams. If you are fascinated by this city, even through pictures, you must have wondered where this style of building houses in San Francisco comes from?

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Victorian and Edwardian are the most commonly used terms to describe these two periods in architecture. These buildings in this style began to be built in the late 1800s until the 1950s. The names of these routes are based on Queen Victoria, who first ruled the British Empire, and those buildings that were later renamed when Victoria’s son Edward took over. Victorian homes were built with all the modern elements of the time. It can be said that their trademark are pastel colors and narrow hallways. Otherwise, the main idea of ​​the appearance of these houses was to look like a wedding cake, and they impressed with their luxury and uniqueness. Over the years, Victorian style has become a trademark and example of building any new home in San Francisco. Today in this city there are over 13,000 houses that are maintained with a lot of love and minimal renovation by their owners.

A guy paid $ 400,000 for his $ 2.6 million Victorian house to move 7 blocks to San Francisco

When you think of moving, the first thing that comes to mind is endless packing, endless moving of furniture, clothes, etc., then endless accommodation, and so on. Of course change of personal documents, change of address, etc. Surely it does not occur to you that a whole house can be moved from one place to another, right? It is a house owned by Tim Brown. Tim bought this house in 2013. This house was moved to 7 blocks from its old address. The house was erected, wheels were placed under it and the house was simply moved. But of course the whole procedure was not that simple.

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The point of moving the house from one place to another is because Tim Brown wants to turn the house into a 17-apartment apartment building. He moved the house next to an old morgue that will be part of the building. A 47-apartment apartment complex will be built on the site where the Victorian building has been located so far. This move was really amazing for everyone who attended the relocation of the house. So how often can you see a house moving through the streets? It seems incredible, but it still happened. In order for the house to be relocated successfully, workers had to relocate some of the street lighting as well as some of the vertical signage such as traffic lights and traffic signs. Tim paid $ 400,000 to relocate the Victorian house. The house was moved 7 blocks across the streets of San Francisco. The value of the house is estimated at $ 2.6 M, and it dates back to 139 years ago, and its area is 480 square meters.