Wanted: A Fishing Partner

The life of the elderly is not easy at all. He does not have that energy from his youth, he does not have the power, and the period after they lose their partner becomes especially difficult.

Elderly widower finds a fishing partner after posting a tearjerking classified ad
After losing his wife and a fishing partner, Ray Johnstone decided not to give in to loneliness and depression, but to find a partner with whom he could go fishing again. So, in 2017, he published an ad stating that he was looking for a partner for fishing. The ad went like this:

“My name is Ray Johnstone. I’m a retired widower looking for a fishing partner. My former fisherman friend is now dead. What I love is a fishing buddy in a similar position to me who also wants to go fishing with someone. I’m willing to share all the costs, eg petrol, bait, and if you happen to own a boat, I’m willing to pay all the ramp fees, but I’m happy if you’re a land fisherman. If you are interested, please contact me either by e-mail or by phone to arrange a meeting to see if we can understand each other. ” This ad won the hearts of everyone who read it, and the ad also contained a photo of Ray with a sad expression, in which he described himself as “used”. People went viral in support of Ray. They even created the hashtag “IllFishWithRay” which offered over 100 people in the country to be partners with Ray. One of the many people who responded to Ray’s announcement is 22-year-old Mati Batsinilas from the West End. Mattie soon became Ray’s fishing partner, along with Matthew Peter’s brother. Matty offered to take Ray fishing on Stradbrook Island, and on that fishing vacation, he offered Matty to relax.

Ray’s daughter expressed her gratitude on social media for the interest of so many people, after just one post. She was surprised by how many people applied for the job. She expressed satisfaction and gratitude because her father was really lonely after the death of her mother.

How do you like this simple and very honest post by Ray? Would you do the same, or would you do this for a close, lonely friend? Would you like to be part of such an adventure in which you will bring serenity and adventurous spirit to the world of a lonely man? Your opinions matter to us, share them with us.