What do you First See in the Picture: Woman, Man, Fire or Candlestick?

Do you want to discover more about yourself, your personality and your character? Through this simple test you can discover a lot about yourself. The image below is composed of several illustrations. You just have to answer honestly: What do you see in this picture first? Your choice will say a lot about you.


If the first thing you see in this photo is the candlestick, it means that you have a wide view of the world. You always make big and magnificent plans. Your focus is not on the details and nuances, so sometimes that can be a problem. You are a person with a big heart. Often people know how to use you because of that. You need to be careful and choose your friends carefully. Not everyone has such a pure and good heart as you. Choose wisely and reason correctly.


If the first thing you see in this picture is a woman, it tells you that you are a subtle and sensual person. Your flaw is that sometimes you idealize life too much, so it often happens that you do not take into account the reality that surrounds you and do not judge rationally. You are considered a romantic person. The ideal image you build for life in general, you protect yourself from the real world which can be quite complicated and disappointing. What is important is to know how to get back to reality at the right time. If you fail to reason logically, you may find yourself in a situation where life turns into constant skipping obstacles.


If the first thing you notice in this picture is the man, it says about you that you are a calm person. People around you feel safe and secure. You are a quiet person, who does not talk too much, when you communicate your statements are short, precise and concise. You are considered a thoughtful and creative person. You know how to control your emotions and actions well. However, the fact that you do not take enough care of your loved ones is a flaw in you. You often know how to ignore their wishes and needs. You need to dedicate yourself to the people you love, if you do not want to lose them. Improving your attitude towards your loved ones will make them really happy, and at the same time you will be happy.


If the first thing you notice in this picture is fire, it tells you that you are different from other people. Your interests and way of thinking are different from other people. You have your own vision of the world that is original and unique. You are a confusing person to other people, and even your loved ones can often not understand you. But still it is not so important for you, because you want to be your own and do not want to change. Do not let them destroy your self-confidence that you have more than enough. On the contrary, try to strengthen your self-confidence and everything will be fine.