What do your Palms Reveal about you?

If you look closely at the hands of the person you have just met, you can find out a lot about her, her profession, her age, the social stratum to which she belongs. It is also believed that the appearance of the hands can determine whether a person is telling the truth or lying, what is his psychological state, whether he is generous or stingy, lazy or not and much more.

Look at your hands carefully. Here is a complete guide to interpreting your personality according to your palms. Some scientists claim that both hands and all fingers have a special meaning. Thus, the left hand is the recipient and the right hand is the giver. It is believed that you will have expenses if your right hand hurts, while this happens to you with your left, you can expect a profit.

You can tell by the look of your hands if the person is telling you the truth. Thus, if a person conceals something, he will turn his palms towards himself because he wants to present himself in a different light from what he is in essence. If the palms are facing the interlocutor, it means that the person is sincere.

The meaning of each finger

Each finger has its own meaning, as do the palms. The fingers of the dominant hand (depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed) represent your work and your personality, while the fingers of the other hand reveal your behavior when you are at home and your relationships with other people. The appearance and expression of each finger can reveal a lot about your features. The stronger a finger is, the more pronounced the features associated with that finger.

The thumb represents the desire for success, the will, the ego and the logical abilities. People with strong character have a long and strong thumb. Such people believe in themselves, in their will and in the ability to change their own destiny. Those with such fingers are born leaders. The thumb symbolizes the strength of will and the level of vitality. The flexible thumb reveals that it is a flexible person who knows how to adapt to others, while the rigid and inflexible thumb reveals that it is a stubborn person who rarely deviates from his views.

The pointer is related to power, authority, vision and influence. It talks about the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. The index finger bent towards the thumb indicates an honest and ambitious person. When the index finger is separated from the middle finger, it is an independent person who wants to philosophize. The index finger, which is bent towards the middle finger, reveals a caring and compassionate person.

The middle finger signifies responsibility, efficiency, reliability, growth and wisdom. It is also associated with emotions. It reveals the way the individual relates to material values, work and basic means of subsistence. The long middle finger indicates a determined, capable and ambitious person who is ready to create his own business. The short middle finger reveals eccentric personalities who are against socially accepted norms. The middle finger that bends towards the middle finger reveals the need for emotional and material security in the person. Such people do not want to quarrel and are happy when they are surrounded by loved ones. If the middle finger is far from the thumb, it means that it is a person who sometimes needs solitude.

The little finger indicates creativity and self-expression. It also reveals how connected you are to your family. It is a symbol of creativity and perfection. Denotes skills, attitude towards art, taste and style. The little finger that is the same length as the middle (or longer) is characteristic of people who like to take risks and tend to gamble. The short middle finger is an indicator of a person who is an esthetician by nature.

The little finger talks about your communicativeness, the way you interact with other people and your instincts. If he bends towards the middle finger, he is a compassionate and good person. If it is far from the other fingers, it means that the person is very independent and original in everything. A very long little finger means that the person is gifted in foreign languages ​​and in general for any kind of communication. A very small finger indicates a lack of self-confidence.

The meaning of the shape of the fingers

Fingertips can also reveal certain features. The square tops reveal that he is a practical person, and the pointed ones are common among independent personalities. Oval tops are a reflection of impulsive personalities.

• Round fingers: You want harmony and balance in life, while avoiding condemnation.

• Checkered or straight fingers: Strive for precision and hate indefiniteness.
• Wide fingers: You want originality, and you avoid routines.

• Spiked fingers: You are interested in everything that is unusual and mysterious, and you avoid everyday things that bore you.

The meaning of the distance between the fingers

The distance between the fingers in a relaxed state can also reveal some details about your personality. Thus, widespread fingers reveal that it is an independent person who is open to new experiences. If your fingers are closer to each other, it means that you are a careful or restrained person who does not want to reveal too much about himself.

If the angle between the index finger and the thumb is about 90 degrees, it means that you are a generous person with a good heart. A smaller angle means that you are a cautious person who is sometimes characterized by rationality and suspicion.


The distance between the middle and middle finger speaks of how much you care about other people’s opinion. Wider distance means you care about what other people think of you, while shorter distance means more attention to a person who is eager for attention.

The wide space between the little finger and the little finger can mean that it is a person who often avoids important conversations, because of which his relations with family or colleagues at work may suffer. The average distance between the little finger and the middle finger reveals that he is an independent person who thinks a lot.

Your hands can reveal how you agree with your partner

The shape of your palms can reveal how compatible you are with your partner. Compare your palms with your partner’s palms and pay attention to the length and appearance of your fingers, because it reveals the differences, ie similarities between you and your partner. Here’s how experts interpret individual characteristics.

People with long fingers are very patient and careful when it comes to love. Such people are very meticulous and pay attention to every detail. Sometimes they can be restless and overly picky. They want to stick to the set rules and plans. People with shorter fingers are extremely impatient and a bit nonchalant. They are fast and sharp in language, great organizers, but they do not like details.

If you have short fingers and your partner has long ones, you should never get involved in home remodeling. His slow and methodical approach could drive you crazy and drive you crazy. You want to get things done quickly, and he wants to do everything slowly, which could lead to a heated argument. The partner pays attention to every detail, while you do not have time to deal with trifles. You think life is too short to waste time on details.

Close fingers indicate a person who has a great need for security and attention. Such people are extremely sociable and do not like solitude. Split fingers, on the other hand, are a feature of singles. Many of them even have antisocial traits. They are confident and resourceful, but they must have their own peace and quiet to renew their batteries and their mental capacity. So, if your partner has such a look on his fingers, do not take him too personally if he tells you that he wants to be a little alone. This means that he needs a little peace and solitude to be able to clear his mind. Give him time and space in such moments.