Who Has Advantage at This Crossroads?

Do you consider yourself a good driver? Do you follow traffic rules and regulations? Are you a conscientious driver? There are many drivers, but how many of them know the traffic rules?

Most of the drivers forget the traffic rules only after passing the tests and getting the driver’s license. Will you be one of them, this mini traffic test will show you with a simple situation. All you have to say is according to which schedule the four vehicles should cross the intersection. What is your answer?

The attention of drivers at intersections must be at the highest level, and it is necessary to perfectly master the rules of the road. When there are traffic lights or traffic signs at the intersection, the situation is quite clear, if you know the traffic signs.

The largest German car club in Europe, ADAC, is dedicated to work and education to improve traffic safety. They constantly post tests of this type on their social media. This club has 18 million members, and is also the largest motorcycle club with about 1.5 million motorcyclists.

Look at the picture, remember the traffic rules, look at all the traffic signs in this picture and write your answer. Write us your answers in the comments.

Credits to: adac.de