Why should you be Bananas Over Bananas?

Bananas are fun, yellow bundles of joy that make your taste buds scream with deliciousness, are extremely efficient when utilised as a measurement unit and smell quite nice. Literally everybody goes bananas over bananas! While you are making a break between eating your second banana for the day, why don’t you read up on why they are incredibly useful for health?


  • Firstly, bananas are a fantastic source of potassium: each one has around 14% of the recommended daily intake, while only a milligram of sodium, which makes them perfect in having a balanced diet for preventing any cardiovascular diseases!


  • Bananas, like many other fruits, contain fiber that is essential in regulating your stomach cramps, flatulence and constipation. If you are feeling bloated, consider improving your diet with some extra fiber and grab that banana.


  • Bananas also contain carbohydrates, from which we gain our energy. Surprise your gym partner with that extra banana you carry around in your gym bag and feel rejuvenated after an intense workout.


  • Bananas have vitamin C and are unbelievably rich vitamin B6, which will make you feeling relaxed and at ease.


  • Finally, bananas are our natural source of tryptophan, which is the precursor of serotonin, popularly known as the hormone of happiness. Taste that banana and never feel lifeless or empty ever again!

Now that your head is spinning from your daily dose of banana facts, go on and have some! And be a sport and offer a piece of happiness to your colleagues as well!