Why you should not Sit Cross Legged?

There is almost no woman who crosses her legs while sitting. Men, on the other hand, know how to sit cross legged. Anyway, do you know why you should not sit cross legged? See below for the reasons.

Increases blood pressure

A consequent cause of cross legged sitting is high blood pressure. According to some researches, this happened to people who did not have a problem with pressure at all, but still after this sitting position they felt changes that negatively affect the circulation.

How does crossing the legs affect the increase in blood pressure? – With this way of sitting you press the nerves and blood vessels, so it is possible to reduce the blood flow to the heart. Because of this, other blood vessels have to take over the task and because of this overload, blood pressure rises. The pressure may drop quickly, but that does not mean that the blood vessels will remain intact.

Creates varicose veins

Crossing your legs alone will not cause varicose veins, but the risk of this happening is not minimal. But due to other factors, such as tension, genetic predisposition or pregnancy, you should be careful. The pressure on the blood vessels in this sitting position can cause damage. Although varicose veins are mostly related to genetics, crossing the legs during the day puts pressure on veins that are full of tiny veins and capillaries. Pressure on the veins and capillaries accelerates blood flow that dilates the veins and changes their shape, making them swollen and visible. It can become a major health problem.

The nerves are suffering

If you think that only the lower leg suffers in this way of sitting, you are wrong. Both legs suffer. Namely, there is an important nerve in the knee area, which if pressed too long and too intensely, will kill the lower part of the leg and foot. If damaged irreversibly, it can even cause paralysis of the feet and toes.

Causes pain in the hips and back

Sitting cross legged is not a natural body position. People who frequently sit cross legged may experience significant back pain over time. During sitting, the pelvis is in an unnatural position and its movement takes place forward or sideways. The position of the pelvis is tied to the back muscle which tightens and stiffens. This can lead to severe pain in the lower back and hips. If you sit this way every day, you risk bending your back. You certainly do not want to spend your whole life with back pain.

Improper posture, prolonged sitting, and now, as we may have learned, sitting cross legged, can cause serious health problems. According to numerous studies, many people have some of these health problems that we have listed above, precisely because of sitting cross-legged. No matter how harmless the habit may seem, be careful. The next time you want to cross your legs, think about what you have learned today and get rid of that bad habit. Your body will be grateful for that.