Wife Wrote an Angry Letter to Her Husband’s Mistress! Here’s What She Warned Her

After finding an evidence proving her husband was cheating on her, a woman wrote an angry letter to the “other woman”. If you think this sounds crazy, the recipient of the letter does surely.

What’s your opinion? Is her reaction justified or should she just move on?
She wrote:

THANKS Jennifer…..

For having left your bite marks on my husband’s chest. You saved me and my kids from the worst nightmare.

As a reward I am offering you to keep my husband for good. If you decide to accept the prize, here are the rules that you must follow.

You will have to support him financially. We have two kids together (you already knew this),so it means that he will have to give up on a great amount of his salary to support them. Bear in mind that I was a stay home mum for 11 years,so he would have to pay me child maintenance. This means that you need to forget about his money because it belongs to me!

You will have to buy him new clothes. After his coming out of shower this morning, I noticed your “love bites”. At the very same moment I threw away all of his clothes, so I guess that he’ll come to you almost naked (so you’re lucky). On the positive side, you could dress him the way you want. You can alway buy him a leash, vinyl clothes or a nice little dress…

He will spend every other weekend without you. This is the time to spend with his children. After he admitted in front of few other people that you’re just “some dumb drunk b***h” he has met at an addiction centre, you will be forbidden to attend these visits because of my kids’ safety. This is also the reason to have his visits limited, maybe even supervised. What was he doing at an addiction centre anyway?

Forget about a proper sex life. After he has had his back injury a few years ago, his “equipment” hasn’t been working properly. This means you’re a bit late,since before the injury we had a great sex all the time! I know it will be disappointing to you to hear that his “equipment” only functions with a little blue pill. Don’t let this confuse you as the blue pill makes him come within 2 minutes. The rest of the time you’ll spend, he’ll be too embarrassed to try. You will probably need 3 partners, as this can’t be fixed! It’s a nerve damage, get it!
I won’t accept him if you decide to return him! He got out my life the moment he made a move on you! We had a nice life and I was a good wife. If you live up to me (and you won’t) don’t be disappointed. However he’ll make you feel miserable for it!

All of this will be your fault, as he’ll put the all the blame on you. He told me that you had hoped for me to see the love bites. I don’t know and I don’t care whether this is true, but I saw them. Now he is pissed off. He apologized for everything he did,but I punched him in the eye. I have never hit anyone before,but if had the chance, I would hit him once again,this time lower!
The last thing I need to tell you is a a friendly warning. I am definitely going to hurt him as much as he hurt my children. You are going to have to put up with that,too. He will have to face this for years and take it with a smile. I know him very well, we’ve been together for 12 years. I won’t regret my actions as I know they are justified.


Thanks again, Jennifer the dumb drunk b***h from the addict centre who left bite marks on my husband chest last night! You showed me that 12 years and 2 children mean nothing to him! He’s all yours! You have my bow!