You get Gel Bags in Every Pair of Shoes. Do you know what they’re for?

Surely when you bought a new pair of levs or a new wallet or a new pillow, you noticed a bag of silicone gel in the package. You probably got rid of them right after opening the product. You may have never wondered what they are for and why they are in those products.

What are the small silicone bags we can find in the product we will buy for?

The bags are intended to neutralize the unpleasant smell as well as to absorb moisture.

What else can we use silicone gel sachets for?

▪ You must have soaked your cell phone in water or juice at least once. These silicone gel bags can help you in this case. Pour the gel bags into a bowl and put your cell phone inside. The gel balls will absorb all the moisture from the mobile phone.

▪ These silicone gel bags can also be useful in maintaining your makeup cosmetics. Simply put a few bags of silicone gel in the kit of your cosmetics and you will protect it from moisture.

▪ These silicone bags can also help you in your car. As they are excellent absorbers of moisture, they can help you to fog the windows of the car.

▪ These bags can help you to smell the washing powder longer. After washing, the clothes smell great, but after they stay in the closet, their smell disappears. Leave a few of these silicone gel sachets in your closet so you can keep the fresh scent of your clothes longer so it will smell fresh for a long time.