You’ve Heard of Gender Change. Have You Heard of Changing the Age Number?

Lately we hear and read a lot about people who, feeling that they were born in the wrong body, decide to live defining themselves with the opposite sex and, after a while, to make a surgical change of gender. For most of us, this is unthinkable, but fortunately for those who want to continue living the way they feel, not impossible.

Although it is very expensive, moving from a man to a woman, for example, does not mean just one physical change. A man who switches from a man to a woman may want to do butt augmentation, thyroid cartilage reduction, facial feminization and breast augmentation, as well as gender reassignment.

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The good news for these people is that when performing vaginoplasty, the expert surgeon can make sure that the person can experience orgasms or at least a satisfactory level of erogenous sensitivity that will allow them to continue to experience pleasure.

Gender reassignment is something we know. But have you heard of changing the age number?
Emile Ratelband is a 69 year old man living in the Netherlands. In 2018, he came to court in the Netherlands with an unusual request. He asked for a change in his date of birth. So from the original date of 11 March 1949, to change his date of birth to 11 March 1969. That way he would be 20 years younger according to the data, instead of 69 years, he will be 49 years old. Emile Ratelband is a TV presenter who introduces himself as a “ young god “.He considers himself a still young person both inside and outside, he does not want to accept the years he has because he does not feel like he has so much but as he says he feels like he is in his late forties. Therefore, according to him, the most logical thing is to change the age number.

He has given various interviews on the subject. He listed other reasons why he wanted to change his age. He says that if he wants a relationship with someone younger, they would not want to be with him because of his age. In this way he thinks he could get in a relationship with a younger woman. With the change of age, he says, he will have the opportunity to buy a better house or car. According to him, the real years he has are an obstacle in his prism of life. In other interviews, he made it clear that everyone has the right to choose, that someone changes their gender, and he wants to change his age. He does not feel like he has 69 either physically or mentally, so he thinks he has a right to choose. Emile Ratelband has no health problems that are appropriate for people his age. He leads a healthy life and eats healthily and says that he will give up his pension, if his petition is allowed.

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However, despite his arguments, the court did not approve his request because he had no legal basis for what he was asking. Emile Ratelband was disappointed with this decision, but he still accepted it and went on with his life as before.