Swollen Legs

Lot of people are suffering from swollen legs also can be known as peripheral edema. This condition usually is caused by accumulation fluid in these parts of human body. Factors that are here to blame the, for this condition can be:

Unhealthy diet:

  • Poor blood circulation;
  • Menstrual cycle;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Weight gain;


Swollen legs may occur if you take this medicament to: steroids, antidepressant, ibuprofen, aspirin, some estrogens or testosterone. This type of medications can minimize blood circulation and that can cause the swell.

Other possible causes also are:


  • Blood clot in the leg– solid clomp of blood.
  • Injury or infection- increase blood flow
  • Hormonal changes – fluctuating level of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Venous insufficiency – when the veins are unable to pump blood.
  • Lymphedema– this condition causes blockages in the lymphatic system.
  • Preeclampsia –high blood pressure during pregnancy what can result with poor circulation.
  • Cirrhosis


For this condition also contributes hot weather and temperature changes. When the weather is hot we drink a lot of fluids. After sitting or standing a lot of time, and because of gravity, the fluids are detaining in the legs. In this condition the legs swell. This condition can be painful and unpleasant.
Swollen legs, ankles are very often occurs to adult people.




To come out from this condition you must raise your legs to something height, not higher from 30 cm, when you are in lying position. Staying active also play a key role. You need stretch your legs more often. The salt also can contribute for swollen legs, so you need to avoid her in your meals. Maintain healthy body weight, avoid wear tight shoes and socks.

Effective methods to treat also are: RICE method, massage.

Parsley tea

Good for swollen legs also is parsley tea. This is natural medicament or natural diuretic, and is the most effective for this condition. Parsley can help to get rid from excess of water, salts in body. These are the steps to make parsley tea for swollen legs:

  • Chop the leaves and rootsPlace ¼ cup of parsley into infusion basket
  • Pour over a cup of boiled water
  • Let it steep for 5 to 7 minutes
  • Remove the basket or strain the tea.
  • You can use a honey or lemon in this tea.

Doctor appointment

But swollen legs not always need to be neglected. This condition can be indicator for something danger to. Because of that, if you notice that this is happening to often you need to see your doctor. You should make appointment urgently if you have kidney disease, heart disease, the swollen legs are red and warm to touch, you have high body temperature, you have tried all home medicament and they are unsuccessfully.

Your doctor can ask you about your medicament history, also do you have problems with kidney, heart, thyroid, arthritis. Then he will examine your leg, ask you about location of swelling, does it affect toes, food, ankle.


To prevent swollen legs you need to take more magnesium in your organism, do exercise to, reduce salt.