The Miracle Of New Zealand

This type of honey is old thousands of years. It comes from New Zealand, where the indigenous population are still preparing tonics and beverages of him. It is about Honey produced by bees from flower of the Manuka tree. This honey is known for its unparalleled antibacterial properties that unlike in other types of honey are not destroyed by dilution, exposure to sunlight or heat. It is believed that several factors are responsible for this effect: many medicinal ingredients, low water content, low acidity and the presence of specific therapeutic compounds from flowers of Manuka. A research group from New Zealand’s University of Waikato in 1981 found that Manuka honey is stable, powerful and he possesses unique antibacterial properties that are not present in any other honey.

Manuka honey helps there where standard medications do not
In a study conducted at the University of Sydney, Manuka honey destroyed almost all bacteria. It is effective even against Helicobacter pylori, very resistant bacterium that causes ulcers. Health institutions of the British government in 2004 approved its medical use in treating wounds.
E. coli is the most common cause of wound infections and Streptococcus pyogenes – the cause of a sore throat. British state health institution in 2004 licensed its medical use in the treatment of wounds, confirming what the ancient New Zealanders have long known – Manuka obviously has amazing properties.

Effectiveness has been confirmed by a number of users that their herpes disappeared in a short period, fungus on his feet, cysts and even severe infection such as pressure sores, sepsis and MRSA. On the internet you will find many enthusiastic users some of which were saved from amputation of limbs. Survey of 17,000 people found beneficial in the treatment of chronic.
Manuka honey has this benefits: efficient for all infections, helps when antibiotics have no longer effect, helps with burns, relieves the pain of the wounds and heal the best remedy for ulcer affects the superbugs. The beauty of natural remedies is that they all are in perfect balance and synergy with the body. Manuka is a true example of how traditional medicine can solve problems caused by modern society.

Today, the emergence of a growing the problem of superbugs resistant to antibiotics, Manuka has a solution without any side effect. Manuka has excellent performance in various diseases and is particularly useful in low immunity. It is used for skin care and hair, intensely moisturizes, renews and makes visibly healthier.

How to find it

This honey can be found in any store in New Zealand. Not all honeys of Manuka that are sold are good. They vary depending on the season and the origin of the active substance in them. The best quality are the wild uncultivated areas in New Zealand. In order distinguishing honey from different production processes invented the concept UMF- unique Manuka factor. It is a certificate that indicates that it is a genuine Manuka honey active compounds. You can also find it in every health food store and online.