15 Interesting Facts About Kangaroos

One of the most interesting animals in the world are the kangaroos that are specific to the last discovered continent, Australia, where they are in huge numbers. These interesting animals walk, in fact jump on two legs, while the front ones are reserved for hitting, if it is necessary. They grow up to 2 meters in height, and are best known for carrying their little ones in a bag. Thanks to their large feet, they can jump up to 10 meters and develop a speed of 50 km/h. Kangaroos live in groups of 50 or more animals, and for defense they mainly use their front legs with which they give very strong blows, but very rarely bite them. There are more than 50 species of kangaroos, but the most famous and most numerous are red and gray kangaroos.

  • Interesting facts about kangaroos.
  • According to some data, there are more kangaroos than humans in Australia.
  • It is believed that kangaroos and emuas can not move backwards. That is why they were chosen as the emblem of Australia, to mark the country that is moving forward.
  • An adult kangaroo can jump up to 10 meters with one jump.
  • There is a species of kangaroo that lives on a tree. It is known as Matschie’s tree kangaroos, which is an endemic species and lives only in the rainforest. It is characteristic of these animals that they do not sweat.

  • The mother kangaroo can have 3 young at the same time in different stages of development – an embryo in the uterus, a small in the bag and another almost independent baby. What is interesting is that each mother’s nipple makes a different milk formula for the needs of each baby.
  • Kangaroos can not move their legs independently when they are on dry ground. They can do that when they swim. Jumping is the most effective way for them to move, and the kangaroos that walk look really weird.
  • Kangaroos can live without drinking water for long periods of time, sometimes for months.
  • Kangaroos transmit alarm signals through powerful strikes with their hind legs on the ground, and also emit various sounds such as whistling and snoring.
  • Kangaroos have extremely good hearing, so they can hear even the quietest sounds at a certain distance.
  • Kangaroos can not fart.
  • Kangaroos feed mainly at night.
  • Female kangaroos give birth once a year. Their pregnancy lasts only 1 month, and then the baby lives in their bag for another six to eight months.
  • Plant nutrition is the basic food of kangaroos. They chew food twice. First they chew, swallow the food, then recruit a small portion of it and chew it again.
  • The female kangaroo can delay the appearance of the next young until the first young is weaned. The young is actually born, it is an undeveloped embryo, but instinct allows it to find its way to its mother’s bag. The female kangaroo helps the young by licking the fur as the young move.