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4 Reasons Every Home Needs A Bottle of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus trees are used to gather eucalyptus oil as an extract. This oil is abundant in medicinal properties which are very powerful. You should actually make sure you always have eucalyptus oil at home as you may use it in lots of different ways! These Are Only Some Of The Best Benefits Of Eucalyptus Respiratory Problems This is among the best benefits of eucalyptus oil. It can decrease the symptoms of bronchitis. Just combine several drops of eucalyptus essential oil with some carrier oil. Use this mixture to rub it…

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A Tablespoon of ACV for a Month Can Help You Defeat These Health Problems

Vinegar is a product that has been used for millennia. It’s an ancient remedy that was discovered completely by accident. It can be made from almost any veggie or fruit that can be fermented, including apples, grapes, potatoes, dates, beets and even coconut. At first people didn’t know its power so they mainly used it as a food preservative. But with time, they discovered its many health properties and we’re still using it to this day. In this article we want to focus on the power of ACV, the most…

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14 Health Benefits from the Superfood Alugbati Leaves

Alugbati is a leafy green vegetable, usually grown as a garden plant. Also, it is familiar as Malabar Spinach and it is very favored in the Philippines. This vegetable has a bright red stem with heart-shaped leaves growing along. Its fruit can range from red to dark green color. As well as the other green leaves vegetables, the Alugbati leaves are rich in iron and have a lot of nutrition. According to the nutrition data, only 100 grams of Alugbati leaves has the following calories, minerals, vitamins, protein, and water: Calories…

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