Are Gas Pumps Sexist?

Have you ever considered gas pumps to be sexist? Melanie Morgan is the woman from whom this claim begins, and in fact she gives some arguments as to why this is so.

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According to Melanie Morgan, gas pumps are designed for men. She explains that the handles of the pumps are intended for men, because for her as a woman they are painful to use. She explains that her hands are small and low and that refueling gas pumps is a really painful process for her. She focuses on solving this problem through the designers who design these handles that she assumes to be male designers, hence she thinks the problem starts. She shared her problem with her husband, who at first did not believe her and did not take her claim seriously. But once she really got back in the car with a pain in her arm and then he understood her problem. Then they realized that this was really a problem. It may sound ridiculous to some people, but it is still a problem for short people and those with small arms. This is such a problem for Melanie, that she is considering buying an electric car in the near future, so that she does not have to deal with gas pumps and their handles that cause her real pain.

The fact is that no one likes the part where you have to refuel your car. That is why most car innovation professionals see the future of cars as the future of electric vehicles.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think that gas stations are a bit sexist? Maybe you are facing such a problem? Write your comments and share your experiences and ideas for innovations at gas stations.