Can you Live in this Two Story Shed to House?

Nowadays there are so many ways and options to live in many unusual places. Maybe once only the houses and apartments in the villages and towns were regular residences of each of us, but more and more often we come across stories of people living in huts in the mountains, in prefabricated houses away from the city crowds, to caravans with which they travel around the world. Especially popular are small houses that contain all the elements and items we need but in a small square. The fact is that life in a smaller house is more affordable.

The new trend is that people are turning their sheds into tiny two story homes. This trend is gaining momentum worldwide. People turn these sheds into cozy homes that have the comfort of a real home. They have functional windows, sufficient height of the ceilings and they really look comfortable and interesting. Such homes sell for about $ 13,000. In addition, you can see the interior of these houses.

Could you live in a house like this? What do you think about toughness and durability? Do you think these houses can be comfortable and convenient? Write us your thoughts in the comments.