Do you Suffer from Facial Wrinkles? Learn how to get Rid of Them

As our age increases, that is, as the aging process progresses, so does our skin age. Age certainly leaves a mark on the skin. Traces of aging are also visible on our skin. Especially on the skin of the face. Wrinkles are the first indicator of aging. They appear around the eyes, around the mouth, on the forehead and on the cheeks.

Why do wrinkles occur?

As the years go by, the amount of substances that keep the skin young and soft decreases. The substances responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The younger the person, the greater the amount of these substances and the greater the stock that contributes to the good structure and firm skin of the face. According to genes as well as external factors, the internal aging process is different in everyone. By reducing the level of collagen in the disorganized layout of the dermal tissue leads to a loss of skin strength and the appearance of wrinkles.

Today, fortunately, there are many treatments and cosmetic procedures that treat facial wrinkles. There are many creams that help in that process. But there is still a way that will allow you to get rid of facial wrinkles, and the ingredients are available in every home.

Homemade anti-wrinkle mixture.

For this mixture you need:

  • 3 teaspoons coconut oil


  • 2 teaspoons baking soda

All you have to do is mix these two ingredients in a bowl and make a mixture of them. Apply this mixture on the face and rub the mixture with gentle circular movements. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Coconut oil will hydrate the skin, so you do not have to apply moisturizer after this treatment.

How to prevent wrinkles?

Like everything else, a healthy diet is about maintaining healthy and firm skin. Fish is a good companion in the fight against wrinkles, thanks to the proteins it contains that participate in skin regeneration. The diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, because they contain antioxidants that contribute to the youthful appearance of the skin. Papaya is an excellent source of minerals, enzymes, vitamin C and is great for hydrating and cleansing the skin. By consuming it, you will remove the spots that appear on the skin, which are caused by aging. Avocado is also a fruit that is rich in vitamins that give skin elasticity and contribute to skin hydration. Honey should also be consumed because it also contains ingredients that contribute to skin regeneration.

Good sleep, rest of the body are also of great importance for our overall health, as well as for the appearance of our skin. In the process of sleeping, the body secretes more hormones, so a good night’s sleep will contribute to the renewal of all the ingredients needed to maintain healthy and firm skin.

The sun or harmful UV rays contribute to skin aging. It is important not to expose the skin to strong sunlight and not to overdo sunbathing in summer. It is recommended to use sunscreen all year round. Creams that are rich in titanium – dioxide or zinc – oxide are good blockers of UV rays, so applying such creams blocks harmful rays from reaching the skin, while maintaining a healthy, firm and youthful appearance.