Mom Battling Addiction couldn’t Raise Kids, so Boyfriend Adopted Both and Raised them Alone to give them a Better Life

Parents should set an example for their children and teach them the moral values in life and the things that really matter. Every child who grew up in a healthy and normal environment, in a normal family and normal life grows into a healthy, mature and stable person. Unfortunately, not every child has the same fate.

Jared and Jordan Benewiat were small children who, like any other child, loved their mother. However, they were not destined to stay with their mother and have a normal family and a normal childhood. Jared and Jordan Benewiat’s mother was addicted. The glass spilled over the last incident for Jordan’s 8th birthday when the unfortunate incident happened. Her mother drank on her birthday and it was not an unusual occurrence. But this time she became violent and started screaming and breaking things in the house. When her boyfriend Steven Benewiat returned to their home, he managed to call the police and then the children were taken over by social services. After these events, their mother’s boyfriend decided that he should take something and was determined to take the children to move in with him and to adopt them. As the state could not find another suitable home for the children, custody was granted to him.

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This humane act saved the lives of both children. After the children moved in with their guardian Steven, their lives improved. They gained stability and a routine that helped them develop as healthy and normal individuals. They also received the love that they constantly lacked and that they should receive from their mother. The children did not call Steven a guardian, but their father. The children felt like children, as they should be, because they had a feeling that someone else would take care of them.

As a sign of gratitude, Jordan wanted to do something for her father. She posted a video on the social network TikTok explaining the whole process of how they became a family. This video quickly became a viral hit and was viewed 9 million times and received 1.4 thousand likes. “Let the world stand up and say hey man, thank you for being a good person, it ‘s something I never thought I would see,” Jordan said. the sacrifices he made for two children who had nothing left “is just part of Jordan’s address. A blessing and a good word is all that can be said about this humane man Steven, because he saved the lives of two children who would probably have been doomed, or become homeless, or starved to death. We need people like Steven more and more in the world, then the world would become a better place for all children to live.

No child in the world deserves to be abused, left to fend for themselves only as an adult, but on the contrary, every child should be cared for and be part of a warm home and receive love from his family. The mother of these children received harsh criticism from the public, a small number of whom felt sorry for her on the pretext that she was ill and needed to be treated. But the fact that these children suffered all sorts of outbursts and were frightened and neglected does not change the fact that she was an irresponsible mother. Unhealthy atmosphere and drunkenness are toxic to life in such a family. An appeal to all those who suffer from this addiction or know someone who is struggling with this addiction is to turn to the appropriate institutions and ask for help.