Parents, Teach your Children about Bullying

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The main problem facing the younger generation today is bullying. Bullying essentially means any form of violence, whether verbal or physical. When it comes to peer violence, it usually happens at school, during vacations, classes or outside of school, also online which is also known as cyberbullying.

Why does bullying occur and where does this aggression come from?

The main cause of this type of violence is upbringing. It all comes down to imitation, which actually reflects a person’s childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Why? Because children imitate what they see in their environment, starting with their parents’ behavior, what they see on the Internet, on television, and so on. The main reason is the behavior of the parents because that behavior is somehow by default the behavior that the children receive and with which they identify further through the years. Bullying is unfortunately the most common among students and occurs most often in school. It can mean threat, violence, an attempt at aggression, whether verbal or physical.

Dad teaches bullies a brutal lesson after his son is called a Monster

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Unfortunately, there are certainly more parents who are bullied over their children. Dan Bezant is an Idaho father who faced bullying on his child. Den is the father of a seven-year-old child who, due to a rare health condition, has a deformity of his face. Dan posted a story about what his child suffered on the social network Facebook. In the story, Dan explains that at the beginning of the school year, he heard that older children called his son a “monster.” That was pretty shocking for him, and in fact which parent would it not be? Day explains how desperate he felt at that moment. The purpose of his story on Facebook was to raise awareness among all parents about educating their children.

Dan’s son suffers from a syndrome called Treacher Collins, which unfortunately affects the development of the bones and tissues of his face. This syndrome usually affects the improper development of the jaw or chin, sometimes affects hearing loss, eye abnormalities and the like. Unfortunately, this syndrome develops in 1 in 50,000 people. Dan’s son Jackson was the one. Jackson is a kid who enjoys sports and video games. After these situations that happened many times, Jackson wanted to wear a mask on his face, just to stop those jokes and that bullying on him. The post of his father Dan, went viral on Facebook and quickly spread to other social networks. The turning point came when his son began to have suicidal thoughts at the expense of the bullying he had been suffering for a long time.

Day explains in his post that his son is experiencing terrible bullying at that young age. His classmates called him a monster and said he had no friends and that everyone hated him. To make matters worse, even stones were thrown at him. Day begs parents to imagine what it would be like to have this happen to their children. Dan urges parents to think and do their best to educate their children that they should not treat someone badly just because they are different from them. Dan informed all the employees in the school about this problem and they react when they are present, but unfortunately many things happen even when none of them is present. So he decided to write his Facebook status to reach out to the children’s parents and to try to solve the problem.

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Bullying is a huge problem among young people, it happens unfortunately everywhere. The fact is that the bullying must stop, and it must be influenced in all possible ways. The key factor is the parents and their education and upbringing, for the differences between people whether it is about appearance, race or gender. Further education by the society with various propaganda advertisements or awareness-raising organizations in order to stop bullying among peers. No one is obliged to suffer harassment anywhere. The case of Jackson and Dan is only one in a million. Fortunately, Jackson received support and help from many external factors that directly influenced the problem. But there are many more such and similar cases, unfortunately.