The Rise of Robots – From Machines to Male Lovers

You have probably all heard of female lovers, ie the dolls that fulfill the sexual fantasies of men. Dolls in various shapes and functions have existed since the distant 1968. Over time, their evolution has become more advanced and sophisticated, they come in various physical sizes, with different skin color, hair color, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. are in order to satisfy the appetites of male clients. Men often satisfied their sexual needs with such dolls and also found solace after a failed relationship or marriage in such dolls.


But have you heard of male robot lovers? As we are witnessing that the human labor force has been replaced by robots, so the replacement will come in all other fields. With the improvement of technology and the efficiency of robots, experts in the field of technology expect that robots will be used to satisfy the sexual appetites of women. Absurd or not? Robots are expected to become machine lovers in the coming years. According to some research, experts claim that in ten years from now, robots will be so advanced that they will know all our needs and will act according to them. It is believed that these machine lovers will become a very normal and everyday thing. It is believed that the betrayals by one of the partners will happen exactly with the robot lover.


Experts claim that sex with robots will displace the normal perception in the world, that every human being should have a human being as his partner by his side. They believe that sex with a robot lover will be an indicator that something is seriously wrong with the world. Numerous surveys have been conducted on this topic, and according to the polls, 20% of the respondents had a positive reaction regarding the idea of ​​having sex with a robot. Respondents were amazed by the idea that a robot lover would fulfill their sexual desires, that he would always be ready for sex and so on.


On the other hand, from the point of view of art, it is really creative and extraordinary that talented technicians can create such a robot doll. The advancement of technology is also fascinating. It would work from the occasion as follows: the client would make a request with clear directions about what they want, what they do not want and what their sexual fantasies are; the clients will be able to choose the doll according to the physical appearance, ie they will be able to choose a certain build, hair color, face shape, etc. Then these silicone dolls are made, according to the client’s specifications, and made by technicians. Then the real fun for the customers begins. Designers process every detail of a client doll so they look so real that it is difficult to distinguish between a real person and a silicone doll.


According to psychology experts, such technology can pose a threat to ethical and emotional ability. They say that feelings and compassion can be lost in humans, because robots are here to fulfill only their desires, and do not ask for anything in return. The fear of psychologists is that people, ie women in this case will refer to such love affairs with robots because they are simply easier to maintain.