What It Looks Like When a Hunter Becomes a Prey?

Every person in his life has a certain passion for something. For some it is a passion to watch football or basketball, any other sport, for some it is art, for some it is a passion for dance, for some it is animal hunting. There are people with different views on life and some of them feed on being the first and most successful before all others. For some it is an achievement, but for some it is only the ego. Being a winner in animal hunting is a particularly big achievement for hunters. The competition between the hunters of animals is that he will catch more prey or maybe who will catch more dangerous prey. Everyone is driven by their passion. It is a special pleasure for hunters to stay in the woods, they travel tens of kilometers in search of prey. Rifles are commonly used as weapons against wildlife. It is a struggle between the hunter and the prey, that is, a struggle between cunning and skill. On the one hand the skills and cunning of the hunter, on the other hand the skills of the prey to save from the hunter’s weapon.

South African hunter Scott van Zill is a well-known poacher who is known for organizing hunting for foreign clients. He is known as a hunter who was especially successful in hunting lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and antelopes. Despite the skills we believe he had and boasted about on his website, in 2017 the news broke that Scott van Zill had disappeared while hunting in Zimbabwe. His search dogs were with him on the hunt, but only his search dogs arrived at the camp where he was to return. Several rescue teams were sent in the search but the search was unsuccessful. Of the traces found in his search, only his backpack was on the river bank. According to forensic scientists who conducted the investigation, it is believed that the human remains found in the womb of two crocodiles on the banks of the Lompopo River, belong to Scott van Zill. According to their investigation, it was concluded that Scott van Zill was killed by crocodiles. It is natural for animals to defend their territory, especially when they feel threatened by poachers. We can only guess what exactly happened. According to some portals that published this news, they claim that it is karma that has reached Scott van Zill. They ironically published a headline: “A rhino poacher was killed by crocodiles.”

We believe that the participants in the Animal Protection Associations will talk about the fact that hunting animals should not be treated as a sport and that in every country it should be banned by law and rigorous measures should be adopted to prevent it. But the reality is different. Wildlife hunting exists despite the fact that in some countries there are special laws on the subject. Poachers will continue to lurk wildlife around the world. Will it ever stop? Who can say for sure?