10 Things you are doing Wrong: Cold Coffee with Ice, Eating Pizza, etc.

What is right for someone and what is wrong? Are there properly prescribed norms for both that are universal for all of us? No, of course not. In this modern age, each of us does literally every thing in our own unique way, whether it is wrong or right.

Have you ever wondered if, in general, does everything you do is right? You must be constantly wondering if you closed the milk well, if you ate the muffin properly, how you cut the watermelon, etc. Now we will reveal to you what you are doing wrong and what you may be doing right. Let’s find out!

Eating a hamburger

When we eat a hamburger, because of the contents of the hamburger itself, which is full of things, and is open from all sides, it often happens that the whole contents fall out, by holding the hamburger incorrectly. Instead of the standard way, you should hold the hamburger with your thumbs and place your little fingers at the bottom for extra support.

Packing clothes in a suitcase

It often happens to you that he does not collect all the things in your suitcase. Well, in order to be able to put more things in your suitcase, all you have to do is fold your clothes into a roll, instead of the standard way of folding. That way you will have much more space for the clothes in your suitcase.

Applying cream

You may not have even thought about doing this properly. However, it is good to know that the cream is applied by tapping and left to absorb, not rubbed into the skin.

Installing earphones

Earphones, the little ones that need to go into your ear school, we’m sure you know how to adjust them. But the interesting thing is that their cable needs to be placed behind your ear to make your headphones more stable.

Eating pizza

Surely you thought, and I do not know how to eat pizza? What can be known or not known here? Easy, easy. It’s just about the way how you hold a slice of pizza. There is nothing worse than taking a slice of pizza and dropping the whole contents of it before you bite the slice. To make it easier to hold and eat the slice of pizza, you need to hold it in a U shape so that it does not slip down. Next time try it, you will see that it works.


Holding a wine glass

How do you hold a wine glass? The correct way to hold a glass of wine is to hold it with your fingers for the elongated part, not with your whole hand around the glass.

Iced coffee

When you make coffee with hot water, no matter how many ice cubes you put in, the coffee will still not be cold. To have a successful cold coffee, put the prepared coffee in an ice cube mold, freeze it, and then you can enjoy cold coffee.

Eating muffins

The muffin seems to be complicated to eat, due to its specific shape with whipped cream on top and all that. To make it easier to bite the muffin, cut the bottom of the muffin in half, then put one part on top. This will make it easier for you to bite it and enjoy the muffin.

Credits to: greenlivingtribe.com

Store ice cream in the freezer

When we leave ice cream in a box in the freezer, taking the ice cream out of the box is almost impossible, because the ice cream is firmly frozen. So that you can easily take the ice cream out of the box, next time, instead of leaving the box in the freezer, put it in a zippered bag first and then leave it in the freezer. That way, the structure of the ice cream will remain soft and you will be able to easily take the ice cream out of the box.


How do you use hairpins? I guess you didn’t even wonder about this. Well, the proper use of hairpins is with the wavy part underneath. This will prevent the hairpin from slipping and the hairpin will stay in place.