Good News! Chocolate Helps Burn Fat!

The first thought, when you mention chocolate, apart from the fact that it comes to your mind that it is very tasty, the second thought is that it belongs to a completely unhealthy food that should be consumed less often. Chocolate has a very high caloric value, a lot of fat, it is bad for the teeth, but have you ever wondered if every chocolate is the same?

There are 3 types of chocolate in the chocolate industry: dark, white and milk chocolate. In its composition, the main food contained in chocolate is cocoa. In fact, chocolate contains the fermented seeds of a plant called Theobroma cocoa. Due to its composition, this seed has a very nutritious value and is one of the best sources of antioxidants in the plant world. During the preparation of dark chocolate, the concentration of fat from the seeds is mostly retained, and all the useful micronutrients are retained from them. When white chocolate is made, only the milk proteins from the cocoa fat are retained in the process. The difference between milk chocolate and white chocolate is that milk chocolate contains a slightly higher percentage of cocoa powder than white chocolate. Well, from this we can conclude that white chocolate and milk chocolate contain a very high percentage of added fat, unlike dark chocolate which has significantly less or no micronutrients at all. This is what makes dark chocolate much better for the body than the other two types. Of course, this does not mean that it should be consumed in excess, but it should be consumed in moderation.

Can chocolate help burn fat?

A study in Birmingham and Boston, USA, looked at the benefits of including chocolate in your diet. For this purpose, the study used 20 women who were in menopause. The purpose of the study was to determine if it could help with weight loss. In this study, 10 women were given to eat 100 grams of chocolate within an hour of waking up or one hour before going to bed. The other 10 women did not eat any sugary foods or sugar. The experts then made a comparison of how the sugar that women consume affects their weight compared to those women who did not eat any sugar. The astonishing knowledge opened up new aspects of thinking and new findings regarding obesity. Consumption of chocolate in the morning or in the evening did not show any difference in weight gain in women. Experts have also found that chocolate can significantly affect hunger and appetite, as well as sleep.

And now the biggest surprise. Are you ready for the discovery of the century?

In this research, experts also found that eating chocolate in the morning can be useful in burning fat and can reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. And in terms of eating chocolate in the evening or before going to bed, experts have concluded that this habit can change the metabolism for the better and lead to better sleep.

The study lasted 14 days, and experts explain that 10 of the women were given only chocolate and no other food. These women were not allowed to eat any other food. For two whole weeks, women were allowed to eat milk chocolate and other sugary foods. Maybe that’s every woman’s dream right? Most importantly, the results showed that women who consumed chocolate were less hungry and had a lower craving for sugary foods than those who did not eat chocolate at all.