6 Riddles to Get Your Brain Gears Turning

If you want to solve puzzles, then you are in the right place. Puzzles are a way to fill your free time, shake your brain and “lubricate” your brain gears. These puzzles are quite interesting and fun for people who like to solve puzzles and brain teasers. See some of them below.

Puzzle # 1

Which question in no case can be answered with “no”?

Puzzle # 2

Put the required ” + ” and ” – ” symbols where they are missing for the equation to be correct, without changing the order of the numbers.

1 ? 17 ? 3 = 9 ? 6

Puzzle # 3

There are 3 sticks on the table. How can you move the middle stick without touching it?

Puzzle # 4

How many cubes is the triangle made of?

Puzzle # 5

If 5 factory sewing machines make 5 T – shirts every 5 minutes, how many minutes does it take 100 machines to make 100 T – shirts?

Puzzle # 6

Which symbol should you put between the 4th and 5th floors to get a number greater than 4 and less than 5?

Did you manage to solve all the puzzles? How long did it take you? Of course it’s a bit of a math, a bit of a logic puzzle, so it satisfies every reader’s appetite. Were you interested in these puzzles? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

And now, have some of you still failed to find the right answers to these puzzles? If there are any of you who have failed to overcome today’s puzzle challenge, you can read the correct answers below.


Puzzle # 1 – The question “Are you alive?” Can not be answered with “no”.

Puzzle # 2 – 1 + 17 – 3 = 9 + 6

Puzzle # 3 – You can move one of the other 2 sticks, so that from the middle will be either the first or the last.

Puzzle # 4 – The triangle is made of 9 cubes.

Puzzle # 5 – The correct answer is 5. If 5 machines make 5 T-shirts in 5


minutes, the more machines there are, the more T-shirts they will make. But the time it takes to make T-shirts will not increase, but will remain the same.

Puzzle # 6 – You need to put a decimal point between 4 and 5.