Extending Human Life with Technology

Eternal life and immortality have always inspired man to strive to achieve them through medicine and science. Modern society, as never before, nurtures the passion to achieve the longest and most vital life possible. Such efforts bear fruit, so human life from year to year increases and gains in quality. The perception of how old age works is changing. Whereas in the past old age was seen as a period of life in which people enter more peacefully, enter retirement days, today it is perceived as an opportunity to realize some unfulfilled plans and dreams that we did not have time for when we were young. Activity and vigor are no longer just characteristic of younger people, they may be present in adulthood.

Scientists have always focused on the passing of human life. To some extent it can be said that we have managed to extend the human life, with the age limit of the average person being more than 70 years. Some scientists and doctors are trying to use technology to provide a better and longer life. It is about connecting the human mind with machines. Dr. Ian Pearson is a scientist who strives to digitize your mind. It is, as he says, to be able to literally attend your funeral, that is, the death of your body, and your mind to continue living somewhere in the cloud. It will work through an IT device that will upgrade the capacity of your brain, improve your intelligence and memory, so that you will feel great and your mind will work as if you were young. So if your brain really dies at a certain age, the added device that is connected to your brain will work with 99% of it will work just fine in a cloud. After your physical death, your brain will be able to function exactly the same as before when it was in your body, only this time in another body.

The question is, can we live forever in this way?

Dr. Pearson is not the only one talking about this. Billionaire Elon Musk also has a project called Neuralink. With its technology you could potentially download to a computer or robotic body. As Dr. Pearson explains, the mind will still be alive and you can place it on any Android body. This can also be used regularly on a daily basis. If you have ever wanted to have the power to teleport, this is the way it is for you. You can set your mind on an Android body in the Maldives and be on the beach with one click. Or maybe somewhere else you want to go.

3D printing of organs and limbs

It may sound absurd, but technology can go so far that if you happen to lose a toe or a foot, doctors will be able to print it out and surgically install a new one. Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have discovered a 3D-printed heart with human tissue and vessels. Wondering how far technology can go at this rate? You can not even imagine.

This may sound absurd and unrealistic, but it is not as far-fetched as it seems. The efforts of scientists to create eternal life are really great and as technology advances so do the chances of it all becoming a reality. How far will we go? It remains to be seen.