From Foster to Family: a Path to Freedom

Can you imagine the life of a child who has no one beside him who can dedicate his love, protection and care to? When a child can not feel the care and love of the family, it can affect his further growth and development. Orphanages can never replace the love and support a child needs in the family. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to grow up in a loving and caring family may not be able to understand what it means to grow up in an orphanage. The material things that children receive there can in no way replace the love and care that other children receive in the family surrounded by loved ones.

The story of 13-year-old Tim from Texas will bring you closer to what it means to be unlucky enough to experience it all. Tim entered the care system at the age of three. For reasons unknown to us, it is still not clear why 10 years later it is still so. Tim, now 10, has appeared on a local news program in Dallas in hopes of finally finding the family he wants to adopt. As Tim says, all he wants is for someone to call him his son. The team has been in various foster homes over the years, but none of this has been permanent. In the local program in which Tim appeared, the social workers talk about the fact that he is a very good and well-mannered boy and that the family that will adopt him will not have any problems with him. This child simply longs to find a home with which he can grow, develop, feel care and love, in which he will feel stability and protection. What a team longs for is a family that will love it and will not give it up. Tim wants a place and people he can call home. Tim would like to find a family in which the mother will be a real mother, who will give him love, who will take care of him and will ask him how he is and if he had a good day. Tim would like a father who will be his hero, who will learn everything he needs to know and would like to have brothers or sisters to play with, because until now he was alone.

For Tim, having a family means freedom. Freedom for Tim refers to growing, learning, making mistakes but having someone to point out the mistake and teach him how to do it right, to create success in life. For Tim, the family means everything and is the only wish he would like to have come true, because that is what he is missing in the care center. What Tim wants is to find a family that will be with him for the rest of his life, that he can trust and they will trust him, who will love and respect him, will give him all the love of the world.

We hope that Tim will find a family that is ready to adopt him and give him everything he lacks. We cheer for you Tim and hope the family finds you very soon.