Have you Heard of the New Battery Car with which you can Travel 1500 miles without Recharging?

It is more and more certain that gasoline, especially diesel engines will not be on the market for a long time. Environmental regulations and the development of electrified vehicles, in which world manufacturers invest billions of euros, are becoming stricter. Electric and hybrid cars have begun to forget about gasoline engines, especially diesel engines. According to the researches that have been done, the market results confirm this thesis. The percentage of sales of hybrid and environmentally friendly cars in Europe is increasing.

It is logical that the ecological car is charged, then it is driven, and after its battery is discharged, it must be recharged. We will share with you an ingenious innovation by Trevor Jackson. He is an ex-navy engineer living in Britain who is an inventor of a car battery with which you can travel an incredible 1500 miles without recharging. After coming up with the idea, Trevor received a grant from some organizations in Britain, which helped him make the first prototype of this car battery. With numerous previous researches and great dedication, he created this battery for cars with greater durability. By comparison, with car batteries used by other eco-cars, you could travel hundreds of miles without charging them. Trevor explains: “This is an innovation that is not actually a battery but a fuel cell. He explains that the battery converts chemical energy into electricity whereas a fuel cell transforms the chemical energy of hydrogen or some other fuel to produce electricity in an efficient and clean way”.

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How long can we expect an electric car to last at all?

Those who plan to spend a lot of time with their electric model are generally worried about the possible cost of replacing the batteries. However, batteries are generally subject to an 8-year warranty, so you won’t have any major problems here. However, while some products like Hyundai (Kona EV) offer a lifetime warranty, some are limited to their cancellation, while others, such as BMW, Nissan, and Tesla, accept a replacement within the warranty period if capacity drops to 60-70%. Assuming you own an electric model by the time you need to replace the battery, it should be said that it is not cheap at all. Depending on the model, the cost will be from 4 to 15 thousand euros, without installation. It is quite normal for the battery to run low over time, but for now, judging by the experiences of electric car owners and some research that has been conducted, it can last as long as the car itself.

Should you buy a new or used electric car?

Buying an electric car usually means putting your hand deeper in your pocket. For example, the Nissan Leaf that is tested in France is 30,000 thousand euros, without subsidies. For luxury cars, for example, such as the Tesla S model, you will spend 60-70,000 thousand euros. You can save a lot by buying a used electric car, which aims at a lower price and the mentioned subsidies and plus relief after its purchase. The electric used vehicle should not be expected to have the same autonomy as the latest models, but what is positive in the whole story is that they have a relatively small number of kilometers traveled, because they are not usually used for long trips.