Hidden Number Game! Can You Handle This Challenge?

Do you want to overcome challenges? Do you want to take tests and check your IQ? Do you want to test your eyesight and see if everything is ok with it?
If you thought you had great eyesight, this test is the perfect way to check it out. In this test you will face difficult levels. This is a serious challenge that will bother you a little.

Your task is to find the hidden numbers in all the pictures. But do not think that it will be so easy. See all pictures below.

Did you manage to find all the hidden numbers in these pictures? If the answer is yes, then you are a genius. You have amazing eyesight. Congratulations!













Credits to: quizpost.me

Hint for resting the eyes: Avoid straining your eyes during the day. If your work is in front of a computer for at least 8 hours a day, after 20 minutes of work, look for 20 seconds in an object that is quite far from you. That way you will give your eyes a short rest. It would be nice to repeat this every 20 minutes. Your eyes will be grateful for that.

Test 1: 182
Test 2: 286
Test 3: 195
Test 4: 426
Test 5: 611
Test 6: 998
Test 7: 798
Test 8: 857
Test 9: 561
Test 10: 838
Test 11: 696
Test 12: 131