How Many 8 ‘s do you See?!

Most people enjoy and love to spend time solving interesting puzzles and brain teasers. Solving brain teasers is a feeling of satisfaction once you get the right answer, and at the same time it relaxes and makes you interesting and fun. Are you one of them? Do you want to solve puzzles and discover hidden things? Well, then show yourself in action!


What are your visual abilities? Do you have the power to notice details? Think you’re an expert at finding hidden things and solving brain teasers? Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!


In front of you is a photo with many 6 numbers. At first glance it seems like a simple task right? A simple photo, a number and that’s it? No no, not really. If it were that simple it would not be interesting would it? There is no interest where things are not spiced at least a little. Well, to spice up this puzzle a bit, among all these numbers 6 we challenge you to find the number 8. It is peace of cake. Do you think that’s easy? Let’s show how easy it is! To complete the task, to make the challenge even bigger, turn on the stopwatch and check how long it will take you to overcome this challenge. Good luck!


So? How far are you? Were you able to find the numbers 8 in this picture? Yes, yes, these are numbers – plural. Found them all? How much did you manage to find? Be honest in the answer and say how long it took you to find all 8. Oh so you probably thought they were only 7. Well guess what ?! Not just 7! There are 8 eights in this picture. Wondering where the 8th is? Look at the title!