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How often do we react wrongly in some situations?

Each of us faces different situations every day that require our quick reaction. Sometimes it is a matter of life or death, sometimes it is just a matter of choice that can affect our further lives. Everything we decide at a given moment in some way affects our further life.

Have you ever wondered if you reacted correctly to a given situation? Sometimes these are simple situations, but sometimes they are very important. For example, do you tilt your head when your nose bleeds? When someone chokes do you knock them on the back? Should we raise someone when he faints? Should we blow into the baby’s food? Is it right to drink from a plastic bottle more than once? These are just some of the situations that we face every day and that we think we are responding correctly, but we are not.

Why should we not bow our heads when our nose is bleeding? Bleeding can occur for many reasons. Causes include fractures, high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, infectious diseases, or increased physical exertion. Bleeding from the nose most often occurs in children or the elderly, and especially during viral epidemics, at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when there is a shortage of vitamins in the body. We should not tilt our head in that case, because blood can end up in the throat and suffocate us. In that case the best is to press the nose with your fingers and keep the head straight, soon the bleeding will stop.

Why not to knock someone on the back when he chokes? The bite can go down his esophagus to suffocate him. It is usually enough for the person to sit up straight and cough. If that doesn’t help, it’s best to hit the person on the shoulder while leaning forward.

Why should we not raise the person who has lost consciousness? Loss of consciousness occurs when the blood supply to the brain is currently inadequate. This loss of consciousness is usually short. To reduce the chance of the individual fainting again, do not force him to get up immediately. Lifting the person who has lost consciousness will further reduce blood flow to the brain. It is best for the person to lie on their back and raise their legs.

Why shouldn’t we blow into a child’s food to cool it down faster? It is certain that every parent makes this mistake unintentionally. The reason why it should not be done is actually very simple. All the bacteria contained in our mouth will be transmitted to the child’s food.

Why not to use the same plastic bottle twice? Plastic bottles always have information on the label about what type of plastic they are made of. This information is very important. After all, each plastic excretes in the contents of the bottle chemicals of varying degrees of danger. Therefore it is best to use a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle.

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