Lemon as a Natural Booster of Immunity

Each of us should take care of our body and our health. In order to be in top shape, a healthy, strong, cheerful and energetic person should take care of their health and build their immunity. Why? Because immunity is the first to enter the forefront of the fight against viruses and bacteria. Good health is achieved with constant and daily care, commitment and self-awareness. To have a healthy and resistant organism, it is necessary for your body to have strong immunity. Accordingly, in order for the organism to function perfectly, you must pay attention to its functions and organs. Strengthening immunity should be an imperative part of the health of each of us.

What is immunity?

Immunity is the body’s ability to defend itself against various infections, viruses and bacteria through its mechanisms. Depending on how the immunity is formed, it can be naturally acquired, artificial, passive and active. So if you want a more detailed explanation of what immunity is, then you should know that natural immunity means the immunity we get at birth, the acquired immunity is usually the one we get through vaccines. Active immunity is created and renewed throughout life, usually through suffering from various diseases, while passive immunity is acquired through the transmission of antibodies and is not long – lasting.

How can you tell if you have reduced immunity?

Most often, when the immunity is reduced, people complain of feelings of exhaustion, weakness of the body, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, etc., without being exposed to any physical effort or the like. Decreased immunity can also be seen according to the signs of the body. This can cause changes in the skin, nails, hair, ie the skin becomes dry, a rash or eczema appears, while the hair becomes weak and brittle, the nails become soft and brittle. Herpes on the lips may also be the first sign of weakened immunity.

How to boost immunity in a natural way?

As already mentioned, immunity should be built up constantly. First of all, it would be good to make certain lifestyle changes, ie to have enough sleep, to practice regular physical activity, to stay in nature in the fresh air, to relax both body and mind and to practice stress reduction. as much as possible.
Of course, food also has its contribution in strengthening the immunity. It is necessary to consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. From healthy foods we separate green vegetables such as broccoli, peas, kale, cabbage, then orange and red vegetables and fruits such as carrots, pumpkins, beets, tomatoes, oranges, apples, nuts and garlic and onions.

Homemade drink that can significantly boost immunity

Ingredients needed:

– 1 cup of boiling water
– 1 cm. fresh, grated ginger
– juice of half a lemon
– half a teaspoon of black pepper
– half a teaspoon of cinnamon
– half a teaspoon of cloves
– half a teaspoon of turmeric
– 1 tablespoon honey

Preparation and application:

Mix all the ingredients together and let them stand for a few minutes. Then strain the liquid and drink some of the drink during the day.

Here’s how the ingredients work for your body and why they are good for you:


Lemon is known as a fruit that is full of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, bioflavonoids, pectin, folic acid, vitamins C, A, B1, B6, phosphorus, manganese. It has an effect on the whole organism and on almost all organs and for some reason it is called superfood.


Ginger is rich in essential oils, potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium and vitamin B, and in combination with honey and lemon gives the body a real “nutrition bomb”.


Cinnamon contains many vitamins and minerals. It contains calcium, iron, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as dietary fiber.


Curcumin, which is actually the main ingredient of this spice, has a very active oxidative, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and anticancer effect.