Meet Shiro – The Most Relaxed Cat on Earth

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the cat is an animal with a positive aura. She takes under her protection not only her owner, but the whole family she lives with, the home and the surroundings. Do not think that the cat only bothers you if it spins around you. With this she shares with you her astral powers and the magic contained in each of her actions. If you reject it, you are deprived of the positive energy that this animal wants to share with you. Cats can be said to be one of the most interesting creatures on the planet. Most of the time they are sweet, sleepy, playful and restless. But at some point they can make it clear that they are not joking and that some things they just do not tolerate. Although many owners want to caress, squeeze, play with them all day long, some cats do not like it, but some just adore it. Like humans, cats have different personalities, some are quite temperamental and do not fit, while some are calm and lazy.

Shiro or the full name Shironeko, in Japanese means “White Cat”. Shiro lived with his brothers and sisters as well as with his beloved owners. This cat is the most relaxed cat in the world, which can fall asleep anywhere and anytime. Shiro lived a life that was really relaxing for him, as evidenced by the many photographs. Her photos circulated on the Internet and made people laugh. She posed wide with fruit on her head, flowers and even frogs on her head, but she has a relaxing and indifferent face in every photo. Unfortunately, this amazing cat died at the age of 18. Her fans were really sad about it, so in her honor they shared photos of Shiro posing with different objects.

Some strange actions of cats


  • Why do cats run around the house late at night?

The run around the house starts at the very beginning of the night and lasts all night. This behavior is the result of instinct, when all kinds of cats, from the lion and the cougar to domestic cats, go hunting. They run and chase prey, even if it does not really exist in your house. However, it is an ancient instinct.


  • Why do cats smell our breath?

Cats can learn a lot from us based on the smell of our breath. They inject that scent into their brains.


  • Why do cats throw food out of the bowl?

Scientists believe this is done in order to stimulate prey and its prey.


  • Why do cats sometimes “scratch” our chests?

This behavior has its roots in the growth of the kitten. When they are small, kittens press their paws on the mother, and when they grow up, they do it as a kind of reminder of the period when they were small.


  • Why do cats like to rub around our feet?

That way they share their scent with us. It is a matter of connecting with the owner to let other cats know that you are the sole owner.


  • Why do cats lick us?

With the help of licking, cats maintain their hygiene, and sometimes they do the same to other cats. Wanting to please the owners, they lick them in order to help them maintain hygiene.

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